BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals
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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals


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BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective

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Organizational Structure and Goals


Amazon.com Inc. stands as a global powerhouse, initially rising as an eCommerce venture specializing in book sales and evolving into a technological giant leading in digital innovations, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Notably, Amazon.com holds a prominent position in the data processing and hosting services market within the United States (Khaustovich, 2022). Its competitive edge lies not only in technological prowess but also in robust business operations, as emphasized in its Amazon Business Reshape 2022 report, outlining primary corporate goals such as responsible procurement and purchase agility (Amazon.com, Inc., 2022). Moreover, the company acknowledges the pivotal role played by small and medium-sized businesses in sustaining its eCommerce platform (Amazon, 2021).

Amazon.com’s global dominance allows it to spearhead innovative business practices, particularly in logistics and operations management (Warrier et al., 2021). By diversifying investments across various industries, Amazon shapes a conducive learning environment for its human resources. Opportunities for professional growth abound, including internships within the accounting and finance department, offering exposure to procurement strategies and operational management functions.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance serve as integral pillars within a business, tasked with crucial decision-making processes concerning financial matters (Razack, 2021). The symbiotic relationship between these functions facilitates evaluating the organization’s value derived from investments, expansions, and resource allocations (Renehan, 2020). Accounting, complementing finance, ensures financial accuracy through meticulous reporting, an aspect critical for Amazon.com, given its extensive network of outsourced entities supporting billing and collection processes.

Data generated from these financial activities serves as a cornerstone for performance analysis, aiding in crucial areas such as cash flow management and receivables tracking (Gitman et al., 2018). Amazon’s accounting and finance departments collaborate to maximize revenue potential while focusing on value-generating endeavors (Agrawal et al., 2020).

Operations Management

Operations management encompasses supply chain logistics, manufacturing, and service provision, serving as the nexus of critical operational functions (Busellato et al., 2021). At Amazon.com, operations management plays a pivotal role in driving eCommerce activities, facilitating seamless connections between retailers and consumers. Innovations in this domain contribute to long-term value creation and strengthen relationships with stakeholders across the supply chain (Prilepok et al., 2022).

Internship in Billing and Collection

Billing and collection operations, housed within the accounting and finance departments, oversee financial transactions crucial for accurate reporting (Hermanson, Edwards, & Maher, 2011). Proficiency in billing and collection processes, including invoice management and receivables tracking, can significantly enhance financial performance by ensuring timely revenue realization.

Internship in Operations Management

An internship in operations management at Amazon provides invaluable insights into modern supply chain strategies and technologies (Gu et al., 2021). While basic accounting knowledge is beneficial, familiarity with inventory management and logistics operations is imperative. Such an opportunity offers a pathway to acquire essential skills and knowledge vital for effective operations management.


The symbiotic relationship between accounting, finance, and operations management forms the backbone of organizational success. Accounting and finance functions contribute to strategic financial management, while operations management ensures operational efficiency and alignment with corporate goals. An internship in the accounting and finance unit aligns well with my current skill set, offering the opportunity to contribute to Amazon.com’s financial growth and efficiency.


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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals

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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals

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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals