BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations
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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations


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BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective

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In the modern business environment, companies are evaluated based on their alignment with corporate mission, vision, and goals, which not only serve as benchmarks for consumer evaluation but also enable comparisons among firms in the same industry, facilitating an assessment of strategic objectives and business tactics (Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017). Amazon.com, a prominent player in eCommerce and cloud computing services, presents an overview of its corporate identity on its website, implying its vision of being the most customer-centric, best employer, and safest workplace on Earth, although its mission statement is lacking explicitness (Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017). Developing identifiable mission and vision statements is crucial for Amazon.com to enhance customer relations, strengthen market position, and transform these statements into internal competitive advantages (Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017; Leape et al., 2020).

Importance of Vision and Mission Statements

A well-defined vision statement guides strategic decision-making by a company’s leaders, complemented by a well-written mission statement that identifies critical stakeholders affected by the company’s activities and outlines how the company will deliver on its promises (Ashkenas & Moore, 2022; Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017). Although Amazon articulates its corporate principles on its website, it fails to explicitly state the beneficiaries of its actions.

Recommendations for Improvement

To address these shortcomings, Amazon must enhance its website by creating a dedicated section for the mission and vision statement within the “Who We Are” page, organized alongside existing content such as leadership principles, company awards, and corporate position (Leape et al., 2020). Hyperlinks can provide access to various company-published resources that highlight programs supporting the corporate mission statement. For the vision statement, diverse content formats like videos and stories summarizing Amazon’s goals, plans, and initiatives would align with the company’s short-term and long-term outlook. An interactive infographic or animated presentation embedded on the webpage would make the presentation of the corporate mission and vision statements engaging and captivating, leveraging Amazon’s technological capabilities (Leape et al., 2020).

Ethical Commitment through Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

While lacking a formal mission and vision statement, Amazon demonstrates commitment to ethics through its “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics,” accessible via the company’s Investor Relations page. This publication outlines the company’s ethical prescriptions, organizational principles, and commitment to honesty, transparency, legality, and ethical business operations (Massotte, 2017).


To strengthen its market position and differentiate itself from competitors, Amazon.com must develop distinct mission and vision statements, sharing them with the public through its website to enhance the value of its products and services in the eyes of customers. Additionally, Amazon’s ethical commitment should be continuously reinforced by updating the elements of its code of conduct to adapt and respond to evolving ethical challenges in the business environment.


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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations

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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations

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