BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility
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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility


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BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): An Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulatory mechanism through which businesses demonstrate their accountability and commitment to improving community and societal welfare via environmental and social initiatives (Business News Daily, 2023).

The Challenge of Workplace Hiring

  • Inadequate leadership and management contribute to organizational dysfunction.
  • This dysfunction leads to increased turnover rates and diminished morale.
  • Hiring individuals who are either overqualified or underqualified can result in complications (CourseHero, 2024).

Impact on the Community and the Organization

  • Low morale among both new and experienced employees leads to mental health conflicts.
  • Work-related issues affect family dynamics as they spill over into home life.
  • A company struggling with these challenges experiences heightened job loss.
  • Persistent issues escalate stress levels within the organization (CourseHero, 2024).

Pros and Cons of Potential Solutions

  • Enforcing stricter management and leadership guidelines may stabilize company structure but could evoke negative reactions if expectations are set too high.
  • Implementation of high-quality training programs with incentives can boost morale and encourage employee retention, provided the incentives are cost-effective.
  • Promoting overqualified employees and providing additional training for underqualified ones can foster advancement within the company, albeit with limitations (CourseHero, 2024).

Recommended Action

Investing in higher quality training programs with incentives is suggested as a cost-effective solution. This approach is anticipated to reduce future hiring needs, strengthen employee relationships, increase confidence, and enhance employees’ sense of value (CourseHero, 2024).

Sustainability of the CSR Solution

Further elaboration and analysis are required to assess this aspect (CourseHero, 2024).

Conclusion: Supporting Evidence

Additional evidence and analysis are necessary to conclusively address the outlined challenges (CourseHero, 2024).


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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility

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