BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration
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BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration

BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration


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BUS-FPX3012 Fundamentals of Leadership

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Leadership and Group Collaboration

Selected Leader Analysis

As I assume my new role as leader of this project, I find myself reflecting on the type of leader I aspire to become. Drawing inspiration from my manager, who exemplifies qualities such as even temperament, leading by example, transparent communication, and a commitment to team development, I aim to embody similar traits. Over the past five years under his guidance, I have honed my leadership skills and now anticipate exhibiting key characteristics essential for effective leadership and communication with my team.

Leadership Style and Approach

I envision myself adopting various leadership styles tailored to different situations. Foremost, I am prepared to address any disruptions among team members and administer disciplinary actions when necessary. Confronting challenges head-on and fostering trust through open handling of grievances are priorities for me. Moreover, I will advocate for team collaboration to prevent the formation of silos, ensuring a cohesive effort towards project goals. Central to my leadership approach is facilitating communication and fostering a sense of unity among team members, thereby harnessing the collective talents and perspectives for project success. Additionally, I am committed to nurturing the growth of team members, fostering skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, and leadership, thereby enhancing overall team capability.

Self-Analysis and Development

Reflecting on my leadership approach serves as a catalyst for personal growth. Recognizing and addressing both strengths and weaknesses are crucial steps towards optimal performance. While I consider my leadership style a strength, I acknowledge the need to continuously refine and adapt it to suit diverse team dynamics. Effective communication, another cornerstone of my leadership, enables me to understand and address team members’ concerns empathetically, thereby fostering a supportive and productive work environment. Moreover, by actively addressing my lack of experience as a potential weakness, I aim to earn the trust and confidence of all team members, ensuring cohesive collaboration towards project objectives.

Collaboration and Motivation

Maximizing team effectiveness and fostering collaboration are paramount responsibilities of leadership. Achieving these goals requires innovative solutions, particularly in the current remote work landscape. Implementing improved IT solutions to facilitate real-time collaboration and equipping remote team members with necessary resources are vital steps towards enhancing project efficiency and motivation. Additionally, maintaining accountability and adherence to established deadlines are essential for project success amidst potential technical challenges and distractions. Embracing novel approaches to information sharing and encouraging extensive brainstorming sessions promote creativity and drive towards achieving project objectives.


In conclusion, my leadership approach emphasizes collaboration, effective communication, and continuous self-improvement. By leveraging my strengths and addressing areas for growth, I am confident in my ability to lead the team towards successful project completion. Through fostering a culture of teamwork and empowerment, I aim not only to achieve project goals but also to cultivate future leaders within the organization, thereby contributing to its long-term success.