BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 3 Diversity Project Kickoff
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BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 3 Diversity Project Kickoff

BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 3 Diversity Project Kickoff


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BUS-FPX3012 Fundamentals of Leadership

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Lakeland Medical Branch Clinic: Addressing Community Concerns


Lakeland Medical Branch Clinic, established to extend healthcare services to the community, encountered a notable decline in patient turnout following a promising initial period. A comprehensive internal assessment revealed that a significant proportion of employees harbored concerns related to diversity, workplace dynamics, and work-life balance. These concerns, coupled with feedback from the community, underscored the need for a concerted effort to foster trust and understanding between clinic staff and residents.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lakeland Medical Branch Clinic is rooted in the belief that every individual’s background and beliefs should be acknowledged and respected in the realm of healthcare. We are dedicated to eradicating discrimination and fostering an environment of inclusion, respect, and community within our clinic.

Team Goals

  1. Consider the Issue of Diversity

    • Defining diversity and its implications
    • Strategies to overcome diversity barriers and promote inclusion
    • Celebrating diversity within our teams
  2. Collaborate on Solutions

    • Emphasizing team collaboration in problem-solving
    • Providing direction on identifying and implementing solutions
  3. Community Partnerships

    • Engaging with underserved groups through health education and grassroots partnerships
    • Establishing community ties crucial to the clinic’s success
    • Offering volunteer opportunities to build trust within the community

BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 3 Diversity Project Kickoff

Group Structure

The team will be divided into the following segments:

  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Operations

Ideal Team

The ideal team composition should encompass:

  • Diverse backgrounds to offer varied perspectives
  • Individuals who have firsthand experience in overcoming workplace biases
  • Candidates accustomed to collaborative and innovative environments
  • Self-starters requiring minimal supervision
  • A commitment to eliminating hiring biases and selecting professionals based on merit

Introduction to the Team

Ana Erie, as the team leader, is committed to supporting each member and addressing their queries or concerns. Each team member was chosen for their ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision. All ideas shared will be considered, and decisions will be made collaboratively to achieve our goals.

Communication Expectations

Regular morning meetings will kick-start the day, while weekly touch base meetings will provide an opportunity for team members to discuss progress, collaborate on issues, and share ideas. Google Drive will serve as the platform for research, feedback, and file sharing, ensuring equal access to information. Google Calendar will facilitate time management and visibility of team members’ availability for collaboration. Gmail and chat services will be utilized for email correspondence and instant messaging, respectively, with Zoom available for virtual meetings when necessary.

BUS FPX 3012 Assessment 3 Diversity Project Kickoff