BUS FPX 3022 Assessment 3 Amazon IMS Case Study
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BUS FPX 3022 Assessment 3 SCM Case Analysis: Information Technology

BUS FPX 3022 Assessment 3 SCM Case Analysis: Information Technology


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BUS-FPX3022 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

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Amazon Information Management Systems Analysis

Information management systems (IMS), also known as management information systems or database management systems, encompass digital information storage, processing, and analysis software, platforms, and infrastructure (StudyCorgi, 2020). These systems play a vital role in large corporations like Amazon, especially as organizations scale, making management oversight increasingly challenging. In the analog age, managing a massive hierarchical organization’s low-level activities was impractical. However, modern companies generate vast amounts of data that, if effectively utilized, can provide detailed insights at the store, aisle, and even shelf levels, making actions more actionable (StudyCorgi, 2020).

Amazon’s Dependence on IMS

As one of the world’s largest logistical enterprises, Amazon heavily relies on IMS for various operations, including inventory management and facilitating retailers’ use of the Amazon platform to sell their products (StudyCorgi, 2020). The company employs numerous backend software for internal processes and frontend resources for sellers, all geared towards leveraging data to enhance insight, efficiency, and profitability.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Amazon’s effective implementation and utilization of IMS directly contribute to its primary objective of delivering profitability to shareholders while also enhancing the core value proposition to customers (StudyCorgi, 2020). IMS ensures reliable order placement and timely delivery of goods, minimizing logistical issues such as lost products or inaccurate inventory counts.

Automation in Fulfillment Centers

Within Amazon’s fulfillment centers, IMS plays a crucial role in orchestrating operations. The use of barcodes and sophisticated algorithms coordinates employee movements, optimizes product picking routes, and facilitates sorting and packaging processes (Day, 2021).

Impact on Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The data available to Amazon through IMS enables features like “Customers Also Bought,” contributing to additional sales and enhancing customer satisfaction (Davis & Ali, 2021). The platform’s ability to fulfill customer needs quickly and efficiently further drives customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Market Dominance and Competition

Amazon’s robust IMS infrastructure has helped it maintain market dominance despite increasing competition, such as Walmart’s investment in e-commerce (Perez, 2020). Amazon’s ability to handle millions of daily transactions flawlessly underscores the critical role of IMS in sustaining its position as a leading online retailer.

The Future of Automation and Ethical Considerations

While automation continues to drive efficiency and profitability, concerns arise regarding its impact on the workforce and society (Day, 2021). As companies like Amazon increasingly automate operations, ethical considerations surrounding job displacement and wealth distribution become more pressing.


In conclusion, Amazon’s success is intrinsically linked to its effective utilization of IMS, which underpins its operations, customer experience, and market dominance. However, as automation advances, ethical considerations regarding its societal impact must be addressed to ensure progress benefits all stakeholders.


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BUS FPX 3022 Assessment 3 SCM Case Analysis: Information Technology

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BUS FPX 3022 Assessment 3 SCM Case Analysis: Information Technology