BUS FPX 3026 Assessment 8 Future Trends and Innovations
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BUS FPX 3026 Assessment 8 Future Trends and Innovations

BUS FPX 3026 Assessment 8 Future Trends and Innovations


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BUS-FPX3026 Foundations and Future of Health Care Delivery Management

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Introduction to Telemedicine

Telemedicine refers to the remote provision of healthcare services, encompassing health assessments, consultations, and follow-up appointments, facilitated through telecommunication equipment. It enables physicians and healthcare providers to remotely assess, evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients. Telemedicine encompasses three primary forms: Interactive Medicine, Store and Forward, and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Impact of Telemedicine on Hospital Setting

Telemedicine yields various impacts on hospital settings, including reduced lengths of stay, lower readmission rates, decreased costs associated with inpatient stays, enhanced outcomes, improved access to specialty medical services and providers, superior quality of care, enhanced care coordination, heightened probability of interdisciplinary care, minimized need for patient transport, improved accessibility for patients with mobility limitations, mitigation of emergency room overuse, decrease in preventable hospitalizations, and heightened prevalence in acute care and intensive care units.

Related Concepts: Impact of Telemedicine and Chatbots on the Role of Health Care Managers

Healthcare managers must champion policy reform to advance telemedicine growth, challenging reimbursement policies, payment structures, regulatory policies, information technology architectures, corporate boundaries, and resistance to change from staff, patients, providers, and executives. Telemedicine also alleviates physician and nursing shortages, enhances access to continuing education for rural clinicians, boosts organizational productivity, reduces mortality rates, complications, and lengths of stay for inpatient stays, and enhances early identification of chronic diseases, facilitating prompt treatment provision and improved outcomes.

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BUS FPX 3026 Assessment 8 Future Trends and Innovations

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BUS FPX 3026 Assessment 8 Future Trends and Innovations

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