BUS FPX 3040 Assessment 6 Labor Relations Recommendations
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BUS FPX 3040 Assessment 6 Labor Relations Recommendations

BUS FPX 3040 Assessment 6 Labor Relations Recommendations


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BUS-FPX3040 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

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American Apparel, a prominent clothing corporation in the United States, manufactures all its products domestically despite having numerous international stores. This paper evaluates three countries—Turkey, Belgium, and South Korea—on various factors such as work hours, wages, unemployment rates, convenience, and worth to the business, to assess their potential for American Apparel’s expansion of manufacturing sites.

Data Comparison

Data analysis is crucial in making real-world decisions regarding global labor. Comparing labor associations of the selected countries with the United States provides insights into potential manufacturing sites. The table below summarizes labor-related factors including weekly hours, wage growth, monthly wages, hourly labor cost, employment status, and unemployment rates.

Recommended Country

Based on data from the International Labour Organization, Turkey appears to offer the best incentives for American Apparel’s expansion. Turkey’s proximity to many of the company’s international locations, coupled with lower labor costs and unemployment rates, makes it an attractive option. Despite Belgium and South Korea’s potential, Turkey’s advantages outweigh them.

How an Overseas Labor Solution Meets Organizational Needs

Foreign labor solutions fulfill organizational needs by providing opportunities for growth, cost savings, and access to new markets. Turkey’s reduced corporate tax rates and strategic location make it an ideal choice for American Apparel’s expansion plans.

BUS FPX 3040 Assessment 6 Labor Relations Recommendations

Human Resource Strategies to Resolve Business Needs

American Apparel’s HR team must address various compliance requirements and ensure proficient management of business-related associates. Training on compliance requirements for managing subcontracting and commissioning is essential for successful global expansion.

Recommendations to Facilitate Management Decision Making

Prior to final decisions, thorough research on industrial facilities, quality control procedures, labor conditions, and political factors is necessary. Physical inspections of potential sites are crucial to ensure compliance with contractual agreements.

Additional Information Needed

Factors such as freight costs, material availability, political climate, and social feedback should be considered before finalizing new manufacturing locations.


After comparing data and analyzing the Turkish economy, Turkey emerges as the recommended country for American Apparel’s new manufacturing site, considering its strategic location and economic advantages.


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BUS FPX 3040 Assessment 6 Labor Relations Recommendations