BUS FPX 3050 Assessment 3 Communicating a Team Contract Video Script
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BUS FPX 3050 Assessment 3 Communicating a Team Contract Video Script

BUS FPX 3050 Assessment 3 Communicating a Team Contract Video Script


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BUS-FPX3050 Fundamentals of Organizational Communication

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Communicating a Team Contract Video Script

Dear Team,

I trust you are all having a productive day thus far. I wanted to take a moment to address you all in a more personal manner rather than simply sending another email. I have thoroughly reviewed each and every comment made throughout our email and instant messaging exchanges. Please rest assured that I have ensured every team member is included in this communication and will continue to be included in all future correspondence.

I recognize that emotions ran high earlier this week due to our communications, leading to heightened tensions among us. Additionally, there seems to be confusion and concern regarding the upcoming meeting with Roger. However, I believe that with clear and open communication, we can alleviate some of these concerns.

I’d like to discuss some communication issues we’ve encountered this week and propose ways to prevent them in the future. Furthermore, I’ll suggest actionable steps for each of you to improve team communication and clarify our expectations moving forward.

BUS FPX 3050 Assessment 3 Communicating a Team Contract Video Script

  1. Assumptions and Misinterpretations: It’s crucial for the sender to prevent assumptions and misinterpretations by being clear, considering the audience, and providing adequate context. When information is lacking, it’s important to ask for clarity rather than making assumptions. Conflict can often be avoided by carefully considering how messages are delivered and interpreted. It’s essential to be mindful of our attitudes when interpreting communications and to avoid jumping to conclusions. Taking a moment to pause, breathe, and re-read communications can provide clarity and prevent unnecessary conflict.
  2. Self and Job Security: Upon reviewing this week’s communications, I noticed that some team members may feel undervalued or that their opinions don’t matter. I want to apologize on behalf of the company for fostering an environment where such feelings could arise. Every team member is valued for their unique contributions and opinions, which collectively drive our success. Embracing diverse perspectives fosters creativity and innovation within our team.
  3. Communication Methods: One major issue identified is the variety of communication methods being used. Effective communication is essential for our team’s success. Therefore, moving forward, we will primarily use Microsoft Teams and email. Email will be reserved for lengthy or formal communications, while Microsoft Teams will be used for quick inquiries and internal collaboration. Consistency in communication methods will streamline our interactions and ensure everyone is on the same page.

BUS FPX 3050 Assessment 3 Communicating a Team Contract Video Script

Moving forward, it’s imperative that every team member treats each other with respect, regardless of their title or position. This is essential for our team’s success and will be actively monitored.

To address the issues discussed, we will be implementing a Team Contract that outlines expectations, roles, and responsibilities. This document will serve as a formal agreement to ensure clarity and accountability among team members. I will send out the contract later today, and it will be due back by the end of the day next Monday.

Thank you all for your attention, and I wish you a wonderful rest of your day.


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BUS FPX 3050 Assessment 3 Communicating a Team Contract Video Script