BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 2 Interview Pitch
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BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 2 Interview Pitch

BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 2 Interview Pitch


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BUS-FPX4012 Leadership in Organizations

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Interview Pitch

The essence of human capability, which distinguishes us from other species and even the most advanced machines, lies in our ability to adapt. Throughout history, from the invention of essential tools to monumental collective endeavors like the Apollo space program, our capacity to adapt has been the hallmark of our progress.

In alignment with this ethos, I propose to conduct interviews focusing on the mastery of change, as delineated in chapter 4 of Cashman’s work. The interviewees include a Vice President of Information Technology and a Chief Growth Officer from mid-sized private companies operating within the defense industry. Both have consented to participate under conditions of anonymity, with interviews scheduled for Friday, March 11th, each lasting 30 minutes.

Interview Questions

  1. In a crisis, what would you say is your greatest skill? Could you give an example of how that skill improved a specific situation?
  2. What might others say your greatest skill is? What skills might they identify as in need of improvement? How are you going about making those improvements?
  3. Would you describe yourself as open to change? In what circumstances is change most beneficial, and in what circumstances do you find that stability is preferable?
  4. What are the differences between short term and long term change? For yourself, for your company, for your industry?
  5. How do you deal with wasted time and effort? When change doesn’t work out, what are the procedures for post mortem?
  6. How do you promote adaptability and outside the box thinking in your employees? Does fear of failure significantly affect their willingness to accept or propose change?


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BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 2 Interview Pitch