BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 3 Interviews with Leaders
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BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 3 Interviews with Leaders

BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 3 Interviews with Leaders


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BUS-FPX4012 Leadership in Organizations

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Interviews With Leaders

The interviews proceeded smoothly, with the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) and VP (Vice President of Information Technology) proving accommodating and eager to share their insights on change mastery, as delineated in Cashman’s Leadership From the Inside Out, chapter 4. Each interview began with a brief overview of Cashman’s Seven Change Mastery Shifts (pp. 119-120), followed by a discussion on which shift resonated most with them. CGO identified with Shift 2, emphasizing the importance of long-term focus for sustained revenue growth, likening it to the resilience and expansive growth of an oak tree. VP, on the other hand, aligned closely with Shift 5, highlighting the significance of service-oriented leadership.

Interview Questions

The interviews progressed with the following questions:

  1. In a crisis, what would you say is your greatest skill? Could you give an example of how that skill improved a specific situation?
  2. What might others say your greatest skill is? What skills might they identify as in need of improvement? How are you going about making those improvements?
  3. Would you describe yourself as open to change? In what circumstances is change most beneficial, and in what circumstances do you find that stability is preferable?
  4. What are the differences between short-term and long-term change? For yourself, for your company, for your industry?
  5. How do you deal with wasted time and effort? When change doesn’t work out, what are the procedures for post mortem?
  6. How do you promote adaptability and outside-the-box thinking in your employees? Does fear of failure significantly affect their willingness to accept or propose change?

Interview Question Responses

Question 1: CGO cited composure as his greatest skill, essential for maintaining focus during crises. VP identified synthesis as her key skill, aiding in collaboration and problem-solving.

Question 2: VP acknowledged that others often perceive her synthesis as being a good listener or a people person, but she focuses on collaborative problem-solving. CGO’s greatest strength, according to others, is preparedness, though some may view him as lacking in availability.

Question 3: Both CGO and VP expressed openness to change, with CGO stressing the need for balance between stability and growth, while VP highlighted the opportunities change presents, tempered by the need to minimize disruption for clients.

BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 3 Interviews with Leaders

Question 4: CGO emphasized the interplay between short-term and long-term change, underscoring the importance of conviction and belief in sustaining long-term changes. VP advocated for boldness in dreaming big and continuously trying new approaches, while acknowledging the complexities of effecting change within a company.

Leadership Analysis

Both interviewees displayed extensive leadership experience and self-awareness. Their emphasis on personal development and responsibility towards their colleagues underscores the fundamental traits expected of organizational leaders. As a future attorney, business owner, and potential public servant, I recognize the importance of continuous personal growth and positive impact on others.


Cashman, K. (2017). Leadership From the Inside Out. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

BUS FPX 4012 Assessment 3 Interviews with Leaders