BUS FPX 4013 Assessment 2 Strategy Structure Fit
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BUS FPX 4013 Assessment 2 Strategy Structure Fit

BUS FPX 4013 Assessment 2 Strategy Structure Fit


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BUS-FPX4013 Organizational Structure, Learning, and Performance

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This assessment scrutinizes three articles pertaining to the strategy-structure fit of organizations. Each article presents a distinct viewpoint on the interaction between strategy and structure within an organizational context, accompanied by real-world illustrations for enhanced comprehension.

Article Summary and Selection Explanation

Two articles were selected based on familiarity with their respective industries: healthcare and franchised organizations. Despite lacking prior knowledge in the field, the third article focusing on the hotel industry was chosen.

The first article, from the Journal of Health Care Compliance, titled “One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit Organizational Reporting Structure,” explores the nexus between strategy-structure fit and reporting practices within organizations, highlighting the potential merger of internal audit and compliance reporting structures and emphasizing the necessity for alignment between strategy and structure to facilitate such changes (Nueske, 2007).

The second article, from the Strategic Management Journal, titled “The Strategy/Governance Structure Fit Relationship: Theory and Evidence in Franchising Agreements,” delves into how different structures within franchising agreements align with corresponding strategies to enhance organizational performance, stressing the significance of coordinating structure with strategy to optimize organizational function (Yin & Zajac, 2004).

BUS FPX 4013 Assessment 2 Strategy Structure Fit

The third article, from the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, titled “The Effect of Competitive Strategies and Organizational Structure on Hotel Performance,” investigates how competitive strategies and organizational structure influence hotel performance, exploring whether a harmonious relationship between strategy and structure contributes to improved performance outcomes (Tavitiyaman, Zhang, & Qu, 2012).

Relation Between Strategy and Structure

An organization’s strategy serves as its operational blueprint, dictating methods, resource utilization, and workforce interactions. Conversely, the organizational structure provides the framework for operational procedures, encompassing leadership, hierarchy, and task completion. Alignment between strategy and structure ensures organizational success and facilitates adaptability to changing circumstances.

The reviewed articles underscore the importance of aligning strategy with structure to enhance organizational effectiveness. Each organization, with its unique structure type (mechanistic or organic), necessitates a tailored strategy to function optimally.

Example: Real-World Organization with a Strong Strategy-Structure Alignment

Publix Supermarket Chain exemplifies strong strategy-structure alignment. The organization, renowned for its employee ownership model, routinely evaluates and promotes employees from within, fostering a cohesive workforce. Additionally, its strategy of granting stock ownership to employees incentivizes retention and ensures customer needs are met.


Effective organizational performance hinges on the alignment between strategy and structure. A symbiotic relationship between these elements enables organizations to navigate change seamlessly and remain competitive in the global landscape.


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BUS FPX 4013 Assessment 2 Strategy Structure Fit