BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 1 Global Market Variables
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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 1 Global Market Variables

BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 1 Global Market Variables


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BUS-FPX4016 Global Business Relationships

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Variables Associated with Outsourcing Legal Services

Outsourcing legal services has witnessed a surge in popularity among numerous companies in recent times. According to Outsourcing Insight (2018), the fees and prices for legal services have escalated, concurrently with an increased demand. These services are deemed essential for many companies, particularly in navigating competitive markets and fostering growth, as highlighted by Outsourcing Insight (2018). Utilizing outsourcing as a strategic approach enables businesses to curtail costs and redirect resources to enhance the company’s bottom line, as also articulated by Outsourcing Insight (2018). The impetus behind this trend stems from the competitive market dynamics and cost considerations, allowing companies to reallocate resources for reinvestment.

Legal Services and Cross-cultural Communication and Organizational Structure

Effective cross-cultural communication and compatible organizational structures are imperative for companies engaging in outsourcing endeavors. Warburton (2021) emphasizes the significance of cultural awareness in the success of global outsourcing initiatives. Managing cross-cultural interactions and aligning organizational structures with third-party entities are critical aspects of global outsourcing, as noted by Warburton (2021). Variances in cultural norms across different geographic locations can significantly impact operational practices and productivity levels, necessitating thorough consideration when selecting outsourcing partners. Disparities in legal frameworks and cultural nuances underscore the importance of assessing the knowledge base and capabilities of prospective outsourcing firms.

Business Processes or Services and Outsourcing

Companies often opt to outsource functions such as telemarketing, customer support, and accounting to streamline operations and achieve cost savings, as outlined by Eby (2017). This strategic approach enables companies to concentrate on core activities, enhance operational efficiency, and expand their market presence locally and globally, as also noted by Eby (2017). While these services entail lower risks compared to outsourcing legal services, potential challenges include communication barriers, unforeseen costs, security concerns, and vendor reliability issues, as highlighted by Soucy (2021). Thomson Reuters (2011) underscores serious risks associated with legal outsourcing, including lack of indemnity coverage, conflicts of interest, confidentiality breaches, and compromised quality, necessitating meticulous attention to detail when selecting outsourcing partners.

Issues Business Managers Should Consider

Business managers should meticulously evaluate several factors when contemplating outsourcing decisions, including cost, resource availability, technological capabilities, deadlines, supervision requirements, liabilities, contractual agreements, communication channels, and trustworthiness, as suggested by Outsourcing Insight (2018). While cost, deadlines, liabilities, and communication are often prioritized, managers should also consider the adequacy of available resources and technology, supervision requirements, and the reliability of the outsourcing partner after comprehensive analysis.


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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 1 Global Market Variables

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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 1 Global Market Variables

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