BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 3 Currency Exchange Risks
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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 3 Currency Exchange Risks

BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 3 Currency Exchange Risks


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Many products sold in the United States originate from other countries, leading to considerations of currency exchange rates. This essay focuses on the Japanese yen and its impact on selling Japanese products in the United States.

Analysis of Exchange Rate Influence

The current exchange rate between the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar indicates the yen’s relative weakness, with 1 yen equating to 0.0095 dollars, necessitating 105.62 yen for 1 U.S. dollar (Japanese Yen Exchange Rates Table Converter, n.d.). Consequently, importing goods from Japan becomes more cost-effective compared to domestically produced equivalents, enabling companies to generate substantial profits by selling these products in the United States.

Effects of Exchange Rate Changes on Export Profitability

Fluctuations in exchange rates pose a risk to profitability in exporting goods to the United States. Even minor shifts can impact expenses significantly. For instance, if the yen strengthens, companies may face increased costs, potentially resulting in diminished profits. Conversely, a weaker yen could enhance profitability, as costs decrease. To mitigate these risks, many companies opt to conduct transactions solely in a stable currency, such as the U.S. dollar, thereby minimizing exposure to exchange rate fluctuations (International Trade Association, n.d.).

BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 3 Currency Exchange Risks

Identification of Management Risks

Managing foreign exports entails various risks, primarily linked to exchange rate fluctuations. Notably, significant devaluation of the yen due to factors like inflation in Japan could disrupt operations, leading to production constraints and reduced supply of Japanese goods for U.S. markets (Chen, 2020). Additionally, a weakened U.S. dollar poses risks for American companies, potentially impeding their ability to settle debts or afford imported products, thus impacting profitability negatively (Chen, 2020).


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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 3 Currency Exchange Risks

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