BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 4 Market Expansion Feasibility Analysis
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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 4 Market Expansion Feasibility Analysis

BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 4 Market Expansion Feasibility Analysis


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Country Analysis

Poland, situated at the heart of Europe, boasts a diverse landscape ranging from the Baltic Sea to numerous lakes, mountains, and vast forests. With a population of 37.84 million as of 2022 (O’Neill, 2022), Poland ranks as the 5th most populous country in the European Union. The country is divided into sixteen voivodeships, akin to states in the United States, with Warsaw serving as both the largest city and the capital. The official currency is the Polish Zloty, with 1 Polish Zloty equivalent to 0.21 cents in United States currency (Convert PLN to USD, n.d.). Poles, the residents of Poland, are known for their friendliness, strong family orientation, and predominantly Roman Catholic faith, which significantly influences the country’s artistic, social, and political spheres (Poland: Exploring Polish Culture, n.d.). Poland excels in mining, manufacturing, and agriculture and operates under a well-established democratic government, featuring a multiparty democracy with a two-chamber parliament and a president serving a five-year term (Nation Master, n.d.).

BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 4 Market Expansion Feasibility Analysis

In comparison to the United States, Poland shares similarities but also notable differences, particularly in governmental structure. While the United States places both the Chief of State and the Head of Government roles on the President, in Poland, the President serves as the Chief of State, and the Prime Minister holds the position of Head of Government. Furthermore, the judiciary in Poland comprises judges appointed by the president for nine-year terms, whereas in the United States, the judiciary is nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and serves for life (Nation Master, n.d.). Despite having a constitution that upholds human rights, Poland faces challenges in consistently upholding these rights in practice.

Competitive Product Analysis

In Poland, heart failure ranks as a leading cause of death, necessitating the availability of home defibrillators for residents. Despite existing competitors like EMTEL, Drone Delivery, and Pentacomp, there is room for innovation and market penetration. For instance, Drone Delivery has revolutionized delivery services by employing drones for faster defibrillator delivery. The average cost of a home defibrillator ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 USD, but can escalate up to $25,000 depending on various factors. Offering affordable options could enhance accessibility and potentially save lives in critical situations. Overcoming price barriers and ensuring swift delivery are vital for market expansion. Partnering with established companies like Drone Delivery could facilitate brand recognition and streamline distribution.

Company Analysis

When considering operations abroad, factors such as culture, operational guidelines, and compliance standards are paramount. Manufacturing home defibrillators in Poland offers cost advantages, given its affordability within the European Union. Assessing market potential across Europe and ensuring compliance with regulations are essential steps in determining expansion feasibility. Knowledge of foreign economics, legal frameworks, and cultural nuances among management is crucial. Allocating budget for tariffs and understanding local regulations on social security, minimum wage, and taxes are imperative. Building relationships with local retailers fosters market research and enhances product distribution. With meticulous planning and strategic partnerships, launching a sustainable business selling home defibrillators is feasible.


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BUS FPX 4016 Assessment 4 Market Expansion Feasibility Analysis