BUS FPX 4024 Assessment 4 Customer Knowledge and the Internet
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BUS FPX 4024 Assessment 4 Customer Knowledge and the Internet

BUS FPX 4024 Assessment 4 Customer Knowledge and the Internet


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Customer Knowledge and the Internet

Understanding the needs of the customer and how to reach them is one aspect of ensuring that the business offers its product in a way that supports the needs of the target market. Utilizing various methods to educate the customer ensures that each person is made aware of the company’s existence. In today’s world, the internet is a powerful tool for marketing to customers, as it is used in virtually every household and by nearly every consumer. Social media, email advertisements, popup ads in web searches, and more are all effective ways to reach potential customers online. As millions of users continue to turn to the internet for product information, it is crucial for companies to leverage online platforms in their marketing strategies (Statista, 2017).


Zillow, founded in 2006 in Seattle, Washington, is an internet company that serves as the leading real estate and rental marketplace in the United States. It aims to make home shopping convenient and easier for consumers. Zillow connects buyers or renters with local professionals who offer services tailored to the consumer’s needs. The range of services Zillow provides includes renting, buying, selling, remodeling, financing, and more. With a database of over 110 million homes available for sale or rent, Zillow even includes properties that are no longer on the market, providing historical sale prices and offering estimated current home values and rent through “Zestimates” (Zillow, 2019).

Zillow Website

The Zillow brand distinguishes itself from other websites offering similar services such as Realtor.com or independent real estate companies. The brand features a simple yet effective design—a blue house shape with a slash forming a “Z” followed by the company name, Zillow. This branding is prominently displayed at the top of each page and within the website’s search function (Zillow, 2019). In contrast, other real estate companies’ websites lack the comprehensive information and standout branding that Zillow offers. For example, Bray and Co’s website is limited in content and branding, making it less noticeable to consumers. Additionally, Zillow’s targeted advertisements across various online platforms ensure continued visibility to consumers, unlike competitors like Bray and Co (Zillow, 2019).

Benefits of Website

Zillow’s website provides a user-friendly, educational, and comprehensive experience for consumers. With up-to-date and detailed information, users can navigate the site effortlessly. The website’s readability accommodates various users, including those with visual impairments. Abundant and detailed images, including street views, offer consumers a clear visualization of properties. These features are lacking on other real estate websites, providing Zillow with a competitive advantage. Furthermore, Zillow’s omnipresence across various online platforms serves as a constant reminder of its existence to consumers. The website’s utility extends beyond home seekers, catering to students conducting research, homeowners considering selling or renting their properties, and more (Zillow, 2019).


Zillow’s web page and branding strategies are highly effective in catering to consumers’ housing needs. The website’s comprehensiveness and ease of use ensure a positive experience for all users. Consumers are likely to return to the website for future housing needs and may even refer others, leading to positive consumer behaviors and brand reputation. Zillow’s website leaves no room for disappointment, frustration, or unfulfilled needs, ensuring continued consumer engagement and promoting knowledge about its products and services.


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BUS FPX 4024 Assessment 4 Customer Knowledge and the Internet