BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 6 Succession Planning
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BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 6 Succession Planning

BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 6 Succession Planning


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Succession Planning

Succession planning is crucial for companies to ensure the seamless transition of key roles within their organization. By adopting a comprehensive approach that considers both current and future employee goals, companies can ensure they have the right personnel in the appropriate positions not only in the present but also in the years to come. Succession planning involves identifying critical roles and developing action plans for employees to assume those positions (University of Washington, 2022). According to Rothwell (2016), succession planning is formally defined as “a means of identifying critical management positions, starting at the levels of project manager and supervisor, and extending up to the highest position in the organization.” It also aims to provide flexibility in management moves and ensure that as individuals gain seniority, their management skills align with organizational objectives rather than solely departmental goals.

Determining key positions within an organization is the initial step in succession planning. This process aids in training future leaders to sustain company growth despite resignations, terminations, or retirements.

Candidate Selections

  • David Rivers – First Shift Manager

    Mr. Rivers, possessing a BS in mechanical engineering and twelve years of tenure with the company, exhibits strong leadership and communication skills. He has advanced from a supervisor to a shift manager in seven years and demonstrates a proactive approach to personal career development, making him an ideal candidate for broader management roles.

  • Doug Knutson – Production Manager

    With a BS in mechanical engineering and fourteen years of experience as a department manager, Mr. Knutson displays solid technical skills but requires improvement in interpersonal abilities. While efficient in task completion, his reluctance towards further training and limited willingness to relocate pose challenges to his suitability for broader management positions.

  • Carl Anderson – Line Manager

    Mr. Anderson’s twenty-year tenure, coupled with his pursuit of a BS and MBA, reflects a strong commitment to personal development and career advancement within the company. He exhibits exemplary time management and organizational skills, positioning him as a strong contender for management roles despite reservations about relocation.

BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 6 Succession Planning

Selected Candidate

Mr. David Rivers emerges as the preferred choice for the plant manager position due to his experience, demonstrated leadership, and proactive approach to career growth. His willingness to engage in seminars and academic training underscores his commitment to personal and professional development, making him well-suited to lead the organization.

Career Development Plan for Chosen Candidate

For Mr. Rivers’ career development plan, the following options are recommended:

  • Technical Seminars
  • Leadership / Soft Skill Seminars
  • Cross-Training Opportunities

Mr. Rivers’ enthusiastic response to these options reaffirms his suitability for the role, as evidenced by his eagerness to enhance his skills and broaden his knowledge base.


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BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 6 Succession Planning

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