BUS FPX 4048 Assessment 4 Engaging Global Workforce
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BUS FPX 4048 Assessment 4 Engaging Global Workforce

BUS FPX 4048 Assessment 4 Engaging Global Workforce


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BUS-FPX4048 International Human Resource Management Issues

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Engaging Global Workforce

Differences in Work Styles between the U.S. and Brazil

This assessment explores the variations in work styles between the United States of America and Brazil, examining the influence of culture on HR practices, best methods for assembling a virtual HR team, and the impact of cross-cultural communication on organizations. While differences exist, there is no universal right or wrong approach; rather, effectiveness depends on cultural understanding and adaptation.

United States:

  • No personal attachment in business interactions
  • Casual dress code prevalent
  • Open door policy fosters less hierarchical structures
  • Informal work environment
  • Emphasis on work defines American identity
  • Adherence to time protocols


  • Importance of trust and familiarity with business partners
  • Work attire reflects status
  • Respect for and adherence to work hierarchy
  • Formal work environment
  • Priority on family and personal life over work
  • More relaxed approach to punctuality (Santos, 2015)

Americans prioritize business relationships with companies, while Brazilians prioritize relationships with individuals (Santos, 2015). Understanding these cultural nuances is crucial for successful collaboration.

Cultural Impact on HR Practices

  • Compensation and benefits tailored to cultural norms
  • Job training includes cultural intelligence training
  • Establishment of cross-cultural policies
  • Promotion of positive employer-employee relationships
  • Implementation of cross-cultural communication training
  • Performance monitoring aligned with cultural sensitivities (Cultural Intelligence, 2013; Aaron, 2017)

Organizations must adapt HR practices to accommodate cultural diversity, ensuring fair treatment and effective communication across all employees (Cultural Intelligence, 2013).

Best Practices for a Virtual HR Team

  • Utilize virtual meetings for effective collaboration
  • Employ self-sufficient individuals comfortable with remote work
  • Establish clear expectations and regular communication
  • Utilize appropriate communication tools
  • Consider time zone differences for scheduling (DePauw, 2020)

Creating a united culture, ensuring management availability, and fostering trust and respect among remote workers are essential for virtual team success (DePauw, 2020; Utke).

Analyzing the Impact of Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Cultural, racial, and ethnic identities influence communication norms
  • Gender roles affect distribution of work responsibilities
  • Individual personalities shape communication styles
  • Social identity impacts behavior and interactions
  • Age disparities contribute to differences in communication approaches (Moussavi, 2019)

Understanding these factors is vital for effective cross-cultural communication within multinational organizations (Moussavi, 2019).


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BUS FPX 4048 Assessment 4 Engaging Global Workforce

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BUS FPX 4048 Assessment 4 Engaging Global Workforce

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