BUS FPX 4070 Assessment 9 Global Financial Management and Improving Ethics
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BUS FPX 4070 Assessment 9 Global Financial Management and Improving Ethics

BUS FPX 4070 Assessment 9 Global Financial Management and Improving Ethics


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BUS-FPX4070 Foundations in Finance

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Challenges of Financial Management in a Global Work Environment

Domestic financial management involves monitoring a company’s profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet, as well as tracking various assets and expenses. However, multinational financial management presents additional complexities, including currency risks, different tax regulations, financial reporting differences, borrowing costs, challenges in raising capital, and political risks from foreign governments (Brigham & Houston, n.d.; John, 2017; Woodruff, 2019).

Improving Ethics in Finance

Ethics in finance is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity within organizations. Establishing a clear code of ethics, providing training, and promoting consistent communication about ethical standards are essential steps. Furthermore, fostering a culture of integrity, supporting a zero-tolerance policy for unethical behavior, and implementing internal controls to prevent fraud are effective strategies (Encyclopedia.com, n.d.; Hedborg, 2014; Hayes, 2022; Ethics & Compliance Initiative, n.d.; McLaverty & McKee, 2016).

Improving Ethics in Corporate Governance

Corporate governance involves directing and controlling a firm, balancing the interests of various stakeholders. To enhance corporate governance, organizations should clarify the board’s role in strategy formulation, monitor organizational performance, appoint competent leadership, and establish effective risk management practices. Additionally, building a skilled and diverse board, evaluating board performance regularly, and maintaining transparency in decision-making are critical (Chen, 2021; Effective Governance, n.d.; Lagercrantz, 2021).


Ethics are fundamental to the success and sustainability of organizations. Upholding ethical standards from top management down to employees is essential for fostering trust, maintaining integrity, and achieving long-term profitability. Continuous training, clear communication, and robust governance practices are key to promoting ethical behavior and ensuring organizational success.


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BUS FPX 4070 Assessment 9 Global Financial Management and Improving Ethics

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BUS FPX 4070 Assessment 9 Global Financial Management and Improving Ethics

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