BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 3 Fundamental Cultural Competency Concepts
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BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 3 Fundamental Cultural Competency Concepts

BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 3 Fundamental Cultural Competency Concepts


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BUS-FPX4128 Cultural Competence in Health Care

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Health, Health Care Disparities, and Social Determinants of Health

Health is not merely the absence of illness but encompasses complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Health disparities refer to differences in health outcomes that negatively affect groups facing social or economic disadvantages. Social determinants of health are the integrated social and economic systems responsible for health inequities, including the social environment, physical environment, health services, and structural factors.

Health Disparities in the Bronx, NY

In neighborhoods like Hunts Point and Longwood, where 43% of residents live below the Federal Poverty Level, health disparities are pronounced. Rates of diabetes were found to be 5 times higher in 2015, and in areas like Mott Haven and Melrose, rates were as high as 14 times the average. Other concerning health indicators include asthma hospitalization rates among children, infant mortality, and new HIV diagnoses. Studies by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute ranked Bronx County last among 62 New York state counties in health outcomes and social and economic factors.

Community Efforts

Bronx Health REACH works tirelessly to promote proper nutrition and fitness activities through education and outreach. They collaborate with various stakeholders, including community members, faith-based organizations, healthcare providers, and legislators, to advocate for health equity. Similarly, the Campaign for a Healthy Bronx aims to address socioeconomic factors such as high school graduation rates and unemployment, while also improving access to healthcare, which remains a significant challenge in the Bronx.

Websites for Outreach Support

Several websites offer valuable resources and support for health initiatives in the Bronx:

  1. Bronx Health REACH
  2. Health Disparities and Environmental Justice in the Bronx
  3. NIH Grant on Health Disparities
  4. Bronx Health Link
  5. NYC Health + Hospitals Lincoln
  6. Health Affairs Article on Health Disparities
  7. Promoting Health Equity in the Bronx


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BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 3 Fundamental Cultural Competency Concepts

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