BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 4 Health Disparities Community Evaluation and Recommendation Report
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BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 4 Health Disparities Community Evaluation and Recommendation Report

BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 4 Health Disparities Community Evaluation and Recommendation Report


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Health Disparities Community Evaluation and Recommendation Report


Christus healthcare organization is dedicated to providing direct patient care for Bexar County residents. As part of its revised goals and mission statement, which emphasizes extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, Christus is committed to addressing existing health disparities in the Bexar County community (CHRISTUS Health, n.d.). This report examines health disparities based on demographic data, community efforts to address healthcare needs, gaps in healthcare services, the organization’s ability to provide culturally competent care, recommended actions, and potential partnerships.

Health Disparities Based on Relevant Demographic Data

Health disparities based on demographic data encompass factors such as employment, education, income, and death rates. For instance, between 2017 and 2018, the employment rate in Bexar County increased by 2.45%, with a majority of graduates being Hispanic or Latino (Bexar County, TX | Data USA, n.d.). Moreover, household income declined slightly in 2018 compared to the previous year (Bexar County, TX | Data USA, n.d.). Gender disparities are evident in death rates, with men experiencing higher mortality rates than women (Katrina D. Freeman, 2019).

Community Efforts to Address Health Care Needs

Efforts to address health disparities are multifaceted and involve collaboration between federal, state, and local entities. The Department of Health and Human Services, for example, implements action plans to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities (Artiga, Orgera, & Pham, 2018). Similarly, community organizations like Metro Health in San Antonio work diligently to improve public health outcomes (Strategic Plan, 2017).

Gaps in Health Care Services

Significant gaps exist in healthcare access and outcomes, particularly between affluent and disadvantaged neighborhoods. Lack of insurance coverage and affordability issues pose barriers to care for many residents (Strategic Plan, 2017). Efforts to bridge these gaps include initiatives to increase access to care and address social determinants of health.

Culturally Competent Care

Culturally competent healthcare is crucial for addressing disparities among diverse populations. Christus Health emphasizes diversity and offers training to support inclusive care delivery (CHRISTUS Health, n.d.). Culturally competent organizations can improve health outcomes and foster trust within communities (Frist, 2005).

Recommended Actions

To improve health outcomes for populations experiencing disparities, recommended actions include increasing workforce diversity, enhancing interpreter services, and improving access to care (Frist, 2005). These actions aim to address both systemic barriers and individual needs.

Recommended Potential Partnerships

Collaborating with agencies such as the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of State Health Services can enhance efforts to address health disparities (Texas Health and Human Services, n.d.). These partnerships can leverage resources and expertise to improve healthcare access and outcomes.


Christus Health is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of the Bexar County community. By addressing health disparities through collaborative efforts and culturally competent care, the organization aims to improve health outcomes for all residents. Continued partnership and advocacy are essential to creating a healthier and more equitable community.


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BUS FPX 4128 Assessment 4 Health Disparities Community Evaluation and Recommendation Report

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