BUS FPX 4801 Assessment 1 Issue Identification
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BUS FPX 4801 Assessment 1 Issue Identification

BUS FPX 4801 Assessment 1 Issue Identification


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BUS-FPX4801 Ethics and Enterprise

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The issue of misuse of company time and resources has historical roots and continues to be a significant concern in contemporary workplaces, particularly with the widespread use of social media. This paper explores the ethical dilemma of misuse of company technology and time at All4Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for arts education. Despite not monitoring employee devices, All4Arts emphasizes ethical conduct through its employee handbook and orientation process. However, instances of personal use of work resources still occur, raising questions about organizational integrity and potential repercussions. This paper discusses the importance of addressing such ethical issues in the workplace and suggests strategies for prevention and resolution.


In today’s business landscape, fostering ethical behavior and maintaining organizational integrity are paramount. This assessment examines the misuse of company technology and time at All4Arts, a non-profit organization committed to promoting arts education. Despite clear guidelines outlined in the employee handbook and orientation process, instances of misuse persist, posing ethical dilemmas for the organization. This paper explores the significance of addressing such issues and the potential impact on organizational reputation and effectiveness.

Policies Regarding Ethical Issues in the Workplace

All4Arts maintains a comprehensive employee handbook outlining expectations, including standards of behavior and proper use of company resources. While the organization does not actively monitor employee devices, it emphasizes ethical conduct through orientation sessions conducted by the Executive Director. However, despite these efforts, instances of misuse, such as personal use of work computers, persist among employees. This raises concerns about maintaining organizational integrity and the need for further preventive measures.

An Example of Unethical Workplace Behavior

Despite the organization’s efforts to promote ethical conduct, instances of misuse of company resources persist among employees. For example, one employee frequently uses her work computer for personal activities, such as social media browsing and online shopping, during work hours. Despite observations by colleagues, including one who contemplates reporting the behavior to the Executive Director, the issue remains unresolved. Such behavior not only violates organizational policies but also undermines the organization’s mission and integrity.

Why Is This An Issue?

The misuse of company resources and time poses significant ethical and operational challenges for organizations. It undermines trust, affects productivity, and can damage organizational reputation. In the case of non-profit organizations like All4Arts, such behavior is particularly concerning as it may erode donor trust and jeopardize funding. Addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining organizational effectiveness and upholding ethical standards in the workplace.


In conclusion, addressing ethical issues such as misuse of company resources requires proactive measures and a commitment to upholding organizational values. Clear policies, effective communication, and enforcement mechanisms are essential for promoting ethical conduct and maintaining organizational integrity. By prioritizing ethical behavior and accountability, organizations can mitigate risks and foster a culture of integrity in the workplace.


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BUS FPX 4801 Assessment 1 Issue Identification

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