BUS FPX 4802 Assessment 1 Project Proposal
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BUS FPX 4802 Assessment 1 Project Proposal

BUS FPX 4802 Assessment 1 Project Proposal


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BUS-FPX4802 Change Management

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Change Management

Change management is a methodical approach for organizing and executing new operational methods within an organization (Miranda & Bottorff, 2021). Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist, introduced the change management model in 1950. Changes within an organization can impact managers and employees differently. Although change can often be unpredictable, it can yield positive results. Organizational change encompasses various aspects such as company culture, internal processes, technology, corporate hierarchy, etc. The change management process typically involves five steps: preparing the organization for change, devising a vision and plan for change, implementing the changes, integrating changes into company culture and practices, and evaluating progress and analyzing outcomes (Miller, 2020).

Organization Summary

For this project proposal, I have selected the organization where I am currently employed, PCSO, a County Jail accommodating adult criminals for up to a maximum of two years, depending on the sentence length for their crime. Typically, this facility serves as temporary housing for inmates awaiting sentencing, with stays ranging from 30 days to six months. Inmates with longer stays awaiting sentencing often transition to treatment facilities or prisons. PCSO can house up to eighty inmates, primarily consisting of a male population. Currently, our Corrections Officers are undergoing training programs, some of which lack sufficient challenge and are merely continuing education modules. Our staff will soon transition to a new training program, necessitating effective communication of the changes.

Project Summary

The primary objective of this project is to formulate a communication plan for the forthcoming training program. To effectuate positive change within the company, it is imperative to ensure that all employees embrace the change, garner strong support from leadership, foster engagement among staff, and promote effective communication. As the new training program is still in the finalization phase, effective communication regarding its details is currently unavailable. Successful leaders perceive change as an ongoing process requiring creative and sustainable implementation in the long run (IE University, 2019). To ensure the success of the new training program, participation from leadership, employees, and other stakeholders is crucial. The success of our previous programs can be attributed to the extensive participation of all stakeholders. It is essential for our employees to comprehend the benefits and rationale behind the impending changes.


Key stakeholders vital for the success of this project include Human Resources, Operations Manager, Operations Supervisors, and frontline employees. Individual meetings were conducted with each team member to discuss the project and anticipated outcomes. The purpose, goal, and objectives of the project were delineated, and it was decided that the initial group meeting would take place on January 8th.


As we embark on a new year, the aim is to implement the new training changes by the end of the first quarter, ideally by May, to introduce them at the onset of the second quarter. Weekly meetings will be convened on Mondays to discuss any suggestions or requisite alterations. Given that our facility operates under a union, a thirty-day notice period is mandatory for the project. The final deadline for completing the training program is set for April 30th.


Our team eagerly anticipates the introduction of the positive training program to our employees. We firmly believe that this initiative is paramount for the continued efficient and effective operation of the jail. Implementing necessary changes is imperative for the safety of all employees and current as well as future inmates.


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BUS FPX 4802 Assessment 1 Project Proposal

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