BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 2 SWOT Analysis
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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 2 SWOT Analysis

BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 2 SWOT Analysis


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BUS-FPX4993 Business Capstone Project

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SWOT Analysis

Knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for professional development and career planning. A SWOT Analysis is a strategic tool commonly employed for corporate and organizational analysis, but it also finds utility in personal contexts, particularly for career assessment and goal setting (Teoli et al., 2019). Through a personal SWOT Analysis, individuals can assess their advantages relative to competition within their organization or the market. Simultaneously, it enables individuals to identify weaknesses and strategize solutions to mitigate external threats that may impede their progress (Chagan, 2021).


My strengths lie in my character, job experiences, and education. Firstly, I exhibit determination and commitment (Teoli et al., 2019). When pursuing a goal, I devote myself entirely to ensure its accomplishment. Secondly, my diverse job experiences have equipped me with a broad skill set spanning data and office management, customer service, and technical business aspects. Lastly, I am nearing completion of my bachelor’s degree and intend to pursue further education in business.


My primary weakness is excessive self-criticism. I often perceive myself as inadequate, lacking intelligence, and capability. This tendency towards neurotic behaviors manifests in self-consciousness and occasional low self-esteem. Additionally, I tend to overcompensate for mistakes by working overtime, sacrificing personal time, which my family criticizes. These weaknesses may hinder my pursuit of higher aspirations and strain relationships (Widiger & Oltmanns, 2017).


Professional connections established through my role as a merchant contractor for the US Navy and involvement in local volunteer organizations offer diverse opportunities for engagement in civic activities (VonBergen, 2013). These connections enhance my social skills and provide insights into various community needs. Participation in volunteer programs also enriches my emotional intelligence, crucial for my career. Furthermore, access to online learning platforms like Capella University facilitates academic pursuits alongside full-time employment.


Economic uncertainties, especially amid the pandemic, pose significant threats to job stability and organizational health (Mikhaylova et al., 2020). Rapid technological advancements also present challenges, necessitating continuous skill development to remain relevant. Moreover, the influx of younger, tech-savvy employees threatens to replace traditional skill sets, underscoring the importance of adaptability in the face of evolving trends.

Strategies for Development

Addressing personality and character weaknesses is paramount for career growth (Mitin et al., 2022). Leveraging strengths to overcome feelings of inadequacy and seeking career counseling can aid in identifying new strengths and aligning opportunities with long-term goals. Additionally, integrating peer feedback to refine interpersonal skills and manage self-criticism can enhance professional effectiveness.

Peer Feedback

Colleagues commend me for being dependable and hardworking. However, they note tendencies towards people-pleasing and excessive self-apology, which may hinder leadership potential (Mitin et al., 2022).


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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 2 SWOT Analysis

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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 2 SWOT Analysis

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