BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 4 Long-Term and Short-Term Plans
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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 4 Long-Term and Short-Term Plans

BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 4 Long-Term and Short-Term Plans


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BUS-FPX4993 Business Capstone Project

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Long-Term and Short-Term Plans

Planning is a fundamental function of management crucial for organizational success, both in the short and long term (Rossouw, 2022). Similarly, personal development hinges on effective planning to achieve career goals (Greco & Kraimer, 2020).

Long-Term Goal

In the next five years, I aspire to attain a managerial position within my current organization, overseeing client accounts and fostering customer relationships (Rossouw, 2022). Financially, I aim to establish a property rental business in the Philippines, diversifying my investment portfolio and securing passive income streams (Greco & Kraimer, 2020). To realize these goals, I must complete relevant academic degrees and training programs, equipping myself with essential skills for managerial roles (Greco & Kraimer, 2020).

Short-Term Goals

Short-term objectives include enrolling in a master’s degree program in business to enhance my managerial capabilities (Jackson & Tomlinson, 2020). Additionally, I plan to participate in development programs offered by my organization to broaden my skillset (Richardson & McKenna, 2020). Financially, I aim to pay off existing debts and bolster savings through strategic investments (Greco & Kraimer, 2020).


Effective short-term planning is integral to achieving long-term goals, necessitating a clear understanding of potential obstacles and proactive mitigation strategies (Rossouw, 2022). By implementing structured plans and adapting to unforeseen challenges, individuals can progress towards both professional and personal aspirations.


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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 4 Long-Term and Short-Term Plans

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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 4 Long-Term and Short-Term Plans