FG001 Networking for Academic and Professional Success
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FG001 Networking for Academic and Professional Success

FG001 Networking for Academic and Professional Success



NURS 6003 Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

Prof. Name


My Academic and Professional Network


In embarking on an academic journey, establishing a robust support system is vital for navigating and enhancing one’s success. This paper aims to outline two academic and professional networks I aim to collaborate with during my tenure as a practicing nurse while enrolled in Western Governors University’s MSN program.

Network Member 1

  • Name: My Course Instructors
  • Title: Faculty and Academic Leadership
  • Organization: Western Governors University
  • Academic or Professional: Academic
  • Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: I have deliberately chosen to collaborate with my course instructor due to our prior professional engagement. This selection aims to leverage our established rapport to ensure my success in the MSN program. Our previous collaboration has provided insights into course requirements and equipped me with necessary materials, laying a foundation for a productive academic journey.

Network Member 2

  • Name: Walden University Library
  • Title: Academic Resources
  • Organization: Walden University
  • Academic or Professional: Academic
  • Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: The Walden University Library provides a vast array of academic resources and literature essential for scholars and practitioners seeking to enhance their knowledge. Utilizing the library’s extensive collection will be invaluable in preparing for assignments, engaging in classroom discussions, and conducting research vital for academic interactions. As a Walden University student, the library will serve as a cornerstone of information and knowledge crucial for my academic pursuits.

Network Member 3

  • Name: My colleagues of Walden University MSN Program
  • Title: Professional Colleagues
  • Organization: Walden University
  • Academic or Professional: Professional
  • Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: Engaging with peers in the Walden University MSN Program will expose me to diverse perspectives and experiences through classroom discussions and interactions. Collaborating with fellow professionals offers ample opportunities to learn from their varied expertise in nursing, enhancing my understanding of specialized areas relevant to my chosen field. The collective knowledge shared among colleagues will undoubtedly contribute to my growth as a practicing nurse.

Network Member 4

  • Name: A Professional Nursing Association
  • Title: American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • Organization: American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • Academic or Professional: Professional
  • Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: In pursuit of a career in psychiatric mental health nursing, aligning myself with professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) is imperative. APNA is dedicated to advancing mental health nursing practice and fostering collaboration among its members. Through networking and collaboration with seasoned professionals in APNA, I aim to stay abreast of current practices and techniques, furthering my aspirations of becoming a proficient mental health practitioner.

Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

Part 1: The Connection Between Academic and Professional Integrity

Academic integrity serves as the foundation of all scholarly endeavors, ensuring the authenticity and responsible representation of work through proper citation of sources and attribution of ideas. Upholding academic integrity involves acknowledging the intellectual property of others and fosters consistency and accuracy in information dissemination. Moreover, academic integrity is indispensable in professional practice, embodying scholarly ethics and fostering trust, respect, and meaningful discourse. Conversely, professional conduct devoid of academic integrity compromises ethical standards, leading to adverse consequences such as plagiarism. Employing technological aids like Grammarly and SafeAssign can aid in upholding academic integrity by ensuring the integrity of submitted work and offering assistance in paraphrasing and revising. Lastly, adherence to academic integrity in writing not only underscores professionalism but also cultivates a culture of scholarly ethics, laying the groundwork for professional success.

Part 2: Strategies for Maintaining Integrity of Work

As an MSN student, developing a strategic plan is imperative for maintaining academic and professional integrity. The following strategies have been identified to facilitate success in both academic and professional spheres:

  1. Resource Collation and Review: Gather and review resources meticulously to ensure accuracy and relevance in academic work.
  2. Engagement with Academic Network: Seek insights and ideas from peers and mentors within the academic network to enrich understanding and refine concepts.
  3. Time Management: Allocate dedicated time for consolidating work, brainstorming ideas, and integrating feedback to ensure comprehensive and cohesive outcomes.
  4. Utilization of Technological Tools: Utilize online software applications like Grammarly and SafeAssign for proofreading, plagiarism detection, and content refinement.

FG001 Networking for Academic and Professional Success

In the realm of professional practice, the following strategies are proposed:

  1. Adherence to Code of Ethics: Thoroughly familiarize with and adhere to the Code of Ethics for Nurses to maintain ethical standards in nursing practice.
  2. Networking and Relationship Building: Foster relationships with colleagues and affiliated organizations to gain support, knowledge, and professional development opportunities.
  3. Compliance with Workplace Policies: Adhere to policies and guidelines set forth in the workplace to ensure ethical conduct and professional accountability.

In conclusion, strategic planning and commitment to upholding integrity in academic and professional endeavors are paramount for achieving success and maintaining ethical standards in the field of nursing.


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FG001 Networking for Academic and Professional Success