FG002 Academic and Professional Strategies and Resources
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FG002 Academic and Professional Strategies and Resources

FG002 Academic and Professional Strategies and Resources



NURS 6003 Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

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I am delighted to have completed the first week of my Psych and Mental Health Nursing program. During this time, I have familiarized myself with various resources within the University that will facilitate my integration. While I am enthusiastic about the learning opportunities and the support from my peers and instructors, I acknowledge the challenges ahead. Despite my preparation, there are lingering concerns that prompt the following questions:

  • What are the most effective strategies for preparing for exams?
  • How can I leverage study groups to enhance my learning without being overly distracted by socializing?
  • What is the optimal approach to balancing my full-time job, academic commitments, and family responsibilities?

Examinations are pivotal in assessing my comprehension and mastery of the course material. Therefore, it is imperative to establish robust preparation strategies to mitigate the risk of failure. Primarily, familiarizing myself with the examination schedule will allow for effective time management and preparation. As suggested by Laureate Education Inc (2018), proactive studying, both before and during the course, is essential for success. By dedicating time to review materials in advance and engaging actively in class, I aim to cultivate a solid foundation of knowledge, enabling me to ask pertinent questions and grasp new concepts effectively.

NURS 6003 Assessment 2 FG002 Academic and Professional Strategies and Resources

Study groups offer a valuable platform for collaborative learning and problem-solving. However, striking a balance between academic focus and social interaction can be challenging. To optimize the benefits of study groups, I intend to prioritize joining smaller, task-oriented groups dedicated to academic pursuits. This approach will ensure productive discussions and minimize distractions, thereby enhancing my learning experience.

Managing the demands of a full-time job, academic studies, and family commitments necessitates careful planning and prioritization. Recognizing the importance of each responsibility, I plan to integrate my work into my academic journey, viewing it as a practical extension of my professional development. Furthermore, allocating dedicated time for family activities, particularly during weekends, will help maintain a healthy work-life balance. As highlighted by Hunimed web team (2017), cultivating a passion for learning and embracing the challenges ahead are crucial components of successful time management and overall well-being.


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NURS 6003 Assessment 2 FG002 Academic and Professional Strategies and Resources

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