FG005 Professional Development Plan
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FG005 Professional Development Plan

FG005 Professional Development Plan



NURS 6003 Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

Prof. Name


Professional Development Plan

A professional development plan is crucial for individuals to effectively navigate their future careers. A central component of this plan is a Curriculum Vitae (CV), which showcases an individual’s competencies and experiences, providing essential information for prospective employers. This paper presents an updated academic and professional profile, in line with goals emphasizing social change at Walden University.

Step 1: Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Name: Freda Oheneadjei
Address: [Address]

Professional Summary Statement:

Freda Oheneadjei is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in delivering quality patient care. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Stevenson University and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nursing at Walden University, she embodies core nursing values including respect, integrity, autonomy, altruism, and social justice. With a dedication to continuous improvement, Freda strives to excel in her profession, drawing from years of clinical practice.


  • MSN, Walden University, August 2019 – Current, AGNP
  • BSN, Stevenson University, 2017, Nursing


  • RN Maryland RN 215080


  • Maryland Registered Professional Nurse, 2014 – Present
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (ACLS), Certified
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM), Certified
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), Certified

NURS 6003 Assessment 5 FG005 Professional Development Plan

Professional Experience:

Registered Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center, June 2017 to present

  • Experienced across various departments including Medical Center floors, orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, and Emergency General Surgery
  • Assists doctors during operations and performs non-invasive procedures

Step 2: Professional Development Goals

Setting both short-term and long-term goals is essential for career progression and personal growth. Freda’s goals encompass enhancing nursing skills, building relationships, maintaining physical health, and achieving financial independence. These goals are measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound, ensuring steady progress towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Step 3: Alignment of Goals with Emphasis on Social Change

As a student at Walden University, Freda is committed to becoming a proactive contributor to societal well-being. She aims to leverage her education and experience to advocate for advancements in clinical care, addressing the evolving needs of communities. Freda recognizes nursing as a noble profession requiring dedication, selflessness, and compassion, particularly in times of crisis such as the ongoing pandemic.


In conclusion, Freda Oheneadjei’s professional development plan underscores her dedication to achieving excellence in nursing while fostering positive societal change. With patience and determination, she is committed to realizing her goals and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


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NURS 6003 Assessment 5 FG005 Professional Development Plan

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