HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis
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HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis


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HIS FPX 1150 History

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Historical Analysis

In examining the economic transformation within the United States, the focus lies on enhancing the overall financial state of the country (Marist.edu, 2020). As the economy undergoes shifts, effective resource utilization and the pursuit of increased revenues become imperative. Consequently, the foundations can generate a capital stock, requiring a balanced consideration of all modalities for a successful economic transformation.

To propel the economy forward, tax cuts become essential, signaling a potential evolution in the economy to a greater degree. The emphasis is placed on repurposing existing infrastructure in tandem with the economic expansion rate. The rapid economic development leads to increased employment, fostering improved economic growth through shareholder involvement.

Credibility of Sources

The primary source, dating back to 1917, advocates for self-sufficiency among individuals who, despite relying on others for assistance, find themselves depleted of resources. The essay’s central goal is to amplify the desire of individuals to fully realize their potential and break free from their current circumstances. It focuses on Americans who chose to leave the United States for the South in pursuit of a better economic future. Despite recent controversies surrounding the author’s books, the writer remains unfazed, maintaining an impartial stance while discussing real-world occurrences.

Published in 1933, the source serves as a primary reference, shedding light on the significance of America’s banking system, where consumers utilize accounts for deposits and fund transfers at reputable financial institutions. The source aims to illustrate how financial organizations perform monetary tasks and provide diverse services to the public. Despite challenges posed by the approaching weekend, the author, absent at the time of recording, maintains a commitment to promoting people’s well-being.

Impacts of Historical Events

A period of transition marked the American economy from 1916 to 1921, with South American citizens experiencing the lowest quality of life due to financial constraints (Npr.org, 2019). Efforts to enhance the present economic climate and quality of life include individuals seeking opportunities to rapidly sell their services, reflecting the observed economic changes.

Impacts of Historical Events (Cont.)

The integration of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) further enhances economic stability. However, the evidence lacks coverage on natural resources and the role of women in the economy. Efforts are directed towards enabling women to contribute economically to their communities.

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis

Critical Thinking

Observations reveal that the materials provided emphasize the commonality that individuals must offer their skills in the marketplace to lead a good lifestyle (Historymatters.gmu.edu, n.d.). Rather than passively waiting for assistance, taking proactive steps is considered a prudent approach. Discrepancies in sources and information indicate that women’s efficiency in the workplace remains underutilized. The efficient utilization of female participation is deemed more likely to achieve economic progress goals within the specified timeframe. To impede the rate of economic change, the presentation suggests assigning greater weight to the inherent capabilities of the workforce as a whole, with an increased focus on incorporating women.


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HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis

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