HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Comparative Analysis and Reflection
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HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Comparative Analysis and Reflection

HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Comparative Analysis and Reflection


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HUM FPX 1150 Cultural Understanding in a Global World

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Comparative Analysis and Reflection

The chosen literary piece for analysis is the short story/poem titled “Gate A-4,” penned by Naomi Shihab Nye. Born in 1952 to a Palestinian father and an American mother, Nye draws from her diverse cultural experiences to create her literary works. According to the Academy of American Poets (n.d.), Nye’s poetry reflects her Arab American experience, exploring themes of heritage and peace with a strong humanitarian spirit. This analysis aims to delve into the narrative and underlying significance of Nye’s “Gate A-4.”

Gate A-4

“Gate A-4” recounts the journey of a woman traveling from an Albuquerque airport to El Paso, Texas. While awaiting her flight, an announcement calling for Arabic speakers at Gate A-4 prompts her to approach. There, she encounters a distressed woman in traditional Palestinian attire. The protagonist, fluent in Arabic, offers comfort and informs her about a flight delay caused by a medical procedure the Palestinian woman requires. Instantly, a connection forms between the two, with the protagonist staying by her side and sharing homemade mamool cookies. The story transitions into a poem, highlighting acts of kindness, shared snacks, and a sense of unity among diverse women at the gate.

HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Comparative Analysis and Reflection

Cultural Values

Nye intricately weaves cultural values such as language, food, and traditions into “Gate A-4.” Language emerges as a crucial element, as the initial language barrier causes distress until another woman steps in to translate. The exchange of mamool cookies symbolizes the unifying potential of food, emphasizing its ability to forge connections regardless of cultural disparities. Furthermore, Nye introduces the tradition of carrying a plant as a symbol of staying connected to one’s roots and traditions.

Cultural Perspective

On a personal level, this narrative resonates with my experiences growing up in a multicultural family. Similar to the Palestinian woman in the story, my grandmother encountered language barriers, and witnessing a stranger extend assistance evokes a sense of familiarity and reassurance. The communal act of sharing food, reminiscent of my family gatherings, underscores the universal role of food in fostering connections across diverse backgrounds.


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HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Comparative Analysis and Reflection