IO001 Healthcare Environment
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IO001 Healthcare Environment

IO001 Healthcare Environment



NURS 6053 Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership

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Executive Summary

The healthcare industry faces considerable variability, uncertainty, and biases, compounded by national stressors. This paper addresses the issue of upskilling healthcare workers, crucial for adapting to technological advancements. It summarizes articles discussing the issue and proposes strategies for mitigation.

National Healthcare Issue/Stressor

The expansion of the healthcare workforce demands upskilling to cope with technological advancements. Nurses and other professionals must acquire advanced skills to navigate modern healthcare. Failure to do so may lead to job displacement due to technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

Upskilling Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers require additional training to effectively utilize modern technologies, including AI. Adaptation to these changes is necessary to provide exceptional care amidst profound shifts in the American healthcare system.

Addressing the Healthcare Issue

Healthcare organizations must invest in upskilling to maintain competitiveness. Integration of new technologies, alignment with organizational goals, and budget allocation are key strategies to ensure successful upskilling initiatives.


The integration of digital technologies in healthcare necessitates adequate upskilling of professionals. Failure to address this issue may result in inefficiency and stress among employees. It is imperative to adapt organizational structures and policies to leverage technology effectively while ensuring data privacy and transparency.


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NURS 6053 Assessment 1 IO001 Healthcare Environment

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NURS 6053 Assessment 1 IO001 Healthcare Environment.