MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template
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MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template


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MAT FPX 2001 Statistical Reasoning

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1. Topic of Survey:

The topic of this survey is “The Importance of Managers in Promoting Workplace Learning.”

2. Significance of the Topic:

The significance of this topic lies in its relevance to organizational learning and employee development within modern business environments. Managers play a crucial role in fostering a culture of learning among employees. This study aims to investigate and understand the leadership behaviors of managers that facilitate learning, as well as the necessary conditions for creating a conducive learning environment. The insights gained from this study can inform managerial practices, enhance leadership capabilities, and promote lifelong learning both personally and professionally.

3. Potential Variables for Data Gathering:

Dependent Variables:

  • Employee Performance
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Retention
  • Organizational Success

MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

Independent Variables:

  • Managerial Support
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Learning Culture
  • Employee Motivation
  • Access to Resources

These variables are essential for cultivating a workplace culture that encourages learning and innovation.

4. Population Definition:

The population for this study comprises individuals employed in various business organizations, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations. The sample consists of 50 participants, encompassing individuals from different hierarchical levels such as top management, mid-level managers, HR personnel, and CEOs. The sample reflects diversity in terms of age (ranging from 18 to 50 years) and includes individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultural perspectives.

5. Justification of Population Choice:

Selecting this population aligns with the researcher’s professional goals in the field of business management. Focusing on employees, managers, and leaders within business organizations enables a comprehensive exploration of how different stakeholders facilitate learning within their respective contexts. The insights derived from this population will be instrumental in formulating recommendations to enhance learning initiatives within organizations.

Quantitative Interpretation:

  1. Allocation of Work Time to Learning and Development Activities:

    • 0-10%
    • 11-25%
    • 26-50%
    • 51-75%
    • 76-100%
  2. Improvement in Job Performance Reported by Employees Participating in Training and Development Programs:

    • Less than 25%
    • 25-50%
    • 51-75%
    • 76-100%
    • Not sure/No response
  3. Percentage of Company’s Annual Budget Allocated to Employee Training and Development:

    • Less than 1%
    • 1-3%
    • 4-6%
    • 7-10%
    • More than 10%

MAT FPX 2001 Assessment 1 Initial Survey Design Template

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