MHA FPX 5020 Assessment 1 Project Topic Selection
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MHA FPX 5020 Assessment 1 Project Topic Selection

MHA FPX 5020 Assessment 1 Project Topic Selection


Capella university

MHA-FPX 5020 Health Administration Capstone

Prof. Name



Statement of the Problem

Medical professionals and healthcare facilities encompass the initial authorization to offer valued services that enhance the healthiness of patients. However, contamination in the hospital atmosphere remains to be a menace to patients’ welfare and health. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) cause extended stays, increased care expenses, and avertable deaths (Haque et al., 2018).

Key Factors that Directly Influence the Problem

Patients and hospitals encounter threats of HAI due to reasons such as patients’ antibiotic treatment, existence of an underlying condition, and treatment of martial medical equipment (Ranjbar, Kelishadrokhi & Chehelgerdi, 2019).

Factor that Directly Relates to the Problem

Precise Unit of Measurement (Days, Dollars, %, etc.)


Unit of Measurement

Authoritative Source(s)

Antibiotic use Length of stay (days) Monegro, Muppidi, V. & Regunath, 2020
Underlying condition Rate of hospitalization CDC Covid-19 Response Team et al., 2020
Invasive medical device % of surgical site infection Peters et al., 2019

Project Topic Selection

Value Proposition to the Organization

The practical assessment of HAI in the healthcare division will provide sufficient evidence to the administration of Northwell Hospitals System on approaches for future quality advancement.

Value Proposition/Contribution to My Professional Interests/Goals

HIA maintains to affect healthcare services by expanding duration of stays, producing preventable deaths and increased care costs (Haque et al., 2018). The proposal will specify more knowledge in comprehending the influence and magnitude of significant features such as antibiotic use, patients’ underlying conditions, and invasive medical devices (Peters et al., 2019). Statistical evaluation in this capstone scheme will also widen my perception on risk managing in healthcare, or offer a profound comprehension of plans, policies, and discrepancies in augmenting healthcare contaminations and affiliate my contributions with the administrative goals.

Background: Review of the Literature

Authoritative Source (APA Format)

How the Source Directly Relates to the Problem (One-Sentence Summary)

Adams, E., Quinn, M., Tsay, S., Poirot, E., Chaturvedi, S., Southwick, K., & Zucker, H. (2018) This paper analyses the trends of infection caused by Candida Auris in New York between 2013 and 2017.
Haque, M., Sartelli, M., McKimm, J., & Bakar, M. A. (2018) This article gives an overview on HAI, that is, a brief history, types and current trends in HAI infection in hospitals in the USA.
Peters, L., Olson, L., Khu, D. T., Linnros, S., Le, N. K., Hanberger, H., & Larsson, M. (2019) The paper analyses antibiotic resistance by focusing on the rate of mortality or discharge as a unit of measure.
COVID, C., Team, R., COVID, C., Team, R., COVID, C., Team, R., & Ussery, E. (2020) The study determines the susceptibility of patients with underlying conditions to contracting COVID 19 when hospitalized.
Mehta, Y., Gupta, A., Todi, S., Myatra, S., Samaddar, D. P., Patil, V., Bhattacharya, P. K., & Ramasubban, S. (2014) The article outlines various guidelines and evidence-based recommendations to minimize HAI.

MHA FPX 5020 Assessment 1 Project Topic Selection


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). National and State Healthcare-Associated Infections Progress Report [Internet]. 2019 [cited Sept. 7, 2023].

MHA FPX 5020 Assessment 1 Project Topic Selection

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