MHA FPX 5040 Assessment 4 Case Study Presentatio n for Tufts- NEMC
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MHA FPX 5040 Assessment 4 Case Study Presentation for Tufts- NEMC

MHA FPX 5040 Assessment 4 Case Study Presentation for Tufts- NEMC


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MHA-FPX 5040 Health Administration Change Leadership

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Tufts-NEMC Overview

Tufts-New England Medical Center (Tufts-NEMC) traces its origins back to 1796 but faced challenges remaining competitive. Following a merger with Life Span, the organization discontinued the merger after five years. Ellen Zane’s appointment marked a significant juncture in Tufts-NEMC’s trajectory.

Tufts-NEMC Transformation

A sense of urgency permeated the organization as it identified key resources, provided valuable information, and fostered trust among stakeholders.

Tufts-NEMC TOWS Matrix



– Resource limitations – Leapfrog Patient Safety Scores
– Physician burnout – Patient Satisfaction
– Competitive market – Service Expansion




– Large competitors – Community partnerships
– Limited staffing resources – Committed Employees
– Financial instability – Medical School partnership
– Name Recognition

Best Practices to Improve Clinical and Nonclinical Outcomes

  1. Learn from other organizations.
  2. Define goals and measure outcomes.
  3. Ensure continuity of care and discharge procedures.
  4. Analyze data.
  5. Customer service and satisfaction drivers: Utilize HCAHPS data to monitor patient satisfaction, emphasize communication and teamwork, maintain executive sponsorship, transparency, and prioritize patient-centric care.

MHA FPX 5040 Assessment 4 Case Study Presentation for Tufts- NEMC

Revenue Implications

  • Hospital quality reporting.
  • Reimbursement based on quality.
  • CARES Act.
  • Inflated labor expenses.

Measurement to Assess Change




Financial Expand NEQCA network, involve specialty physicians Empower primary care physicians in leadership roles within NEQCA.
Customer Maintain HCAHPS scores Conduct daily rounding, engage with employees and patients, and implement post-discharge surveys.
Internal Processes Protect patient privacy Implement secure health information processes, conduct training sessions to identify vulnerabilities.
Growth & Learning Strengthen relationship with University Utilize institutional reputation to attract superior students and physicians.

Assess Organizational Success After Change

  • Improvement in hospital safety grades.
  • Ranked 5th best hospital in MA.
  • Awarded 4 stars for Patient Experience.


Tufts-NEMC exemplifies how effective leadership can steer an organization to success. Ellen Zane’s approach fostered transparency, trust, and active participation, enabling informed decision-making and meaningful solutions.


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MHA FPX 5040 Assessment 4 Case Study Presentation for Tufts- NEMC

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