MHA FPX 5042 Assessment 4 Team Development Analysis
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MHA FPX 5042 Assessment 4 Team Development Analysis

MHA FPX 5042 Assessment 4 Team Development Analysis


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MHA-FPX 5042 Team Development and Personal Leadership in Health Care Settings

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Team Development Analysis


Teamwork is essential for successful organizations, particularly in healthcare settings, as it enhances efficiency and productivity by leveraging diverse skills, ideas, and experiences (Wooll, 2021). At BPL Plasma, where we collect source plasma for life-saving therapeutic medications, teamwork plays a critical role in optimizing processes and increasing production. In early 2022, we transitioned to the Nexsys Persona PCS Plasmapheresis system, aiming to enhance productivity, quality, compliance, yield, and donor satisfaction (Haemonetics, n.d.). As the lead during this conversion, I oversaw training and ensured a smooth rollout day.

Team Setting, Project, and Roles

The conversion to new machines necessitated comprehensive staff training and a successful rollout. Changes included the installation of stadiometers for height measurement due to customized collection volumes on the Nexsys Persona PCS machines, replacing the previous weight-based presets (Haemonetics, n.d.). Training sessions involved hands-on practice and adaptation of procedures to the new equipment. New roles, including Host and Verifier, were introduced to manage donor flow and machine parameters verification, ensuring donor safety.


Professionalism played a crucial role in managing the transition smoothly. Transparent communication with donors about changes minimized confusion and complaints. Prompt resolution of issues and offering inconvenience fees when necessary prioritized donor satisfaction (Indeed, 2021).

Development of Professional Values

Fostering professional growth among team members promotes loyalty and high performance. Strategies such as modeling professional behavior, providing feedback, and supporting individual development plans contribute to team cohesion and success (Choi, 2021).

Team Alignment

BPL Plasma’s mission, vision, and values focus on patient well-being, integrity, success, teamwork, and dignity. Aligning the team with these principles involves consistent communication and reinforcing the organization’s purpose (Johnson & Beckler, 2021).

Coaching Strategies

Effective leadership and coaching are vital for team success. Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses, promoting transparency, setting clear goals, and providing constructive feedback are key strategies for enhancing team performance (Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness, n.d.).


The conversion to Nexsys Persona PCS machines presented challenges but also opportunities for growth and development within the team. Effective leadership, clear communication, and commitment to professional values ensured a successful transition and alignment with BPL Plasma’s mission and values.


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MHA FPX 5042 Assessment 4 Team Development Analysis

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MHA FPX 5042 Assessment 4 Team Development Analysis

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