MHA FPX 5066 Assessment 1 Strategic Workflow Plan
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MHA FPX 5066 Assessment 1 Strategic Workflow Plan

MHA FPX 5066 Assessment 1 Strategic Workflow Plan


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MHA-FPX 5066 Cornerstones of Health Informatics for Organizational Operations

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The Valley City Regional Hospital is currently utilizing Health Information Management (HIM) technology. This paper aims to analyze the existing HIM technology workflow within the hospital, identify best practices to maintain workflow efficiency, adhere to state and federal guidelines, and propose methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the workflow strategies.

Current HIM Technology Infrastructure

At Valley City Regional Hospital, the HIM workflow lacks clear guidance, resulting in disparate approaches across departments. The system faces constant updates, changes, and new requirements, leading to uncertainty regarding the extent of compliance needed. Moreover, there are noticeable gaps within the workflow structure.

Best Practices for Maintaining Workflow

Implementing secure messaging can significantly enhance workflow efficiency. It reduces risks, ensures HIPAA compliance, and qualifies for Meaningful Use incentives. Additionally, written or visual workflow plans, prioritization of steps, and ensuring access to necessary tools and information are vital practices. Regular evaluation and role assignments further contribute to streamlined operations.

HIM Workflow in Various Hospital Departments

Distinct workflows exist across hospital departments. For instance, in admission, orders are placed via secure messaging, followed by automated alerts to unit managers. Laboratory and pharmacy departments also have unique workflows tailored to their operations. Efficient hospital discharge processes involve coordinated efforts among physicians, nurses, and discharge planners, facilitated by secure messaging.

Duties and Responsibilities of Key Personnel

Various stakeholders play crucial roles in HIM implementation. Board members provide support, while the CEO sets the vision. Implementation managers coordinate tasks, and quality officers align decisions with clinical needs. Clinical champions, super-users, and patient representatives offer frontline support and feedback.

Common Workflow Standards Supported by Best Practices

Adhering to common workflow standards is essential for effective HIM implementation. These include initial process evaluation, creating flowcharts, using common metrics, and ensuring EHR flexibility. Regular feedback from end-users and collaboration between vendors and healthcare providers are also critical.

State and Federal Guidelines

State and federal regulations, such as Meaningful Use requirements, heavily influence healthcare workflows. Compliance ensures improved quality, patient engagement, and care coordination, thus qualifying healthcare facilities for incentives.

Evaluating Workflow Effectiveness

Analyzing workflow effectiveness requires a multidisciplinary approach. Utilizing analytic reports, direct staff interactions, and employing tools like flowcharts help assess productivity, revenue cycles, and patient satisfaction.


Effective HIM technology implementation relies on adherence to best practices, compliance with regulations, and continuous evaluation of workflow effectiveness. By incorporating these elements, Valley City Regional Hospital can enhance operational efficiency and deliver quality patient care.


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MHA FPX 5066 Assessment 1 Strategic Workflow Plan

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MHA FPX 5066 Assessment 1 Strategic Workflow Plan

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