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NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 4 Project Charter Part 4

NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 4 Project Charter Part 4


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NHS-FPX 8040 Project Charter

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Project Charter Part 4



Gap Analysis

– Desired state of 5% or less than 5% skin cancer patients versus the current state of 7%
– Gap = 2 percent
– Contributing factors by survey: Untrained staff and lack of knowledge in the patients
– The West Virginia University hospital can serve as a source to decrease the mortality rate

Problem Statement

– The problem is the increasing number of skin cancer issues in the local population of West Virginia University Hospital.
– It is adversely affecting the health quality of the patients, resulting in an increased number of deaths.

AIM Statement

– To reduce the death rate of skin cancer patients
– Who will benefit: West Virginia University hospital patients suffering from skin cancer will be treated
– Patients at risk of skin cancer will also be considered in the program
– What will be done: Prevention strategies will be followed, staff will be trained, and learning will be fostered in patients
– Where the change will occur: At West Virginia University hospital Oncology department
– Timeline: 1 year
– The initiative will bring quality care by healthcare staff and increased life span of the population

Planned Intervention

– Proposed intervention: Training the staff, Identifying barriers and guiding patients
– Training West Virginia University Hospital Staff through educational seminars
– Educating patients to cover the body, wearing sunscreen, wearing ultraviolet-resistant glasses
– Process for implementation will include healthcare organizations, stakeholders, policymakers, etc.
– The staff will start working after training
– Potential effects on population/process: Targeted population will be benefited.
– Disease risk will be reduced
– Life expectancy of the patients will be increased
– Healthcare providers will be trained to do educational seminars for cancer patients to guide them about prevention strategies

Project Team

– Executive Sponsors, and key team member, stakeholders, and team leader will collectively work to make progress in the project.
– Executive sponsor is a Medical Oncologist who will oversee the management.
– Team members include RN, Psychiatrist, Registered Dietitian, and Patient Service Representative.
– All these members will play their own part in lowering skin cancer mortality rates.
– Team leader is a surgical oncologist who will follow innovative and transformational leadership styles while treating patients
– Stakeholders will work together to foster an environment to reduce the chances of disease
– All these members were chosen based on their experience, professionalism, and knowledge.
– They will give their best to make sure that the project will get succeeded.

Data Management

– Number of patients, opinions, and experiences of healthcare staff and clients’ data will be collected
– Data will be collected by proficient auditor and healthcare staff
– From day one of the project, the responsible staff will start collecting the data
– Storage in password-protected EHR will secure the data
– HIPAA regulation will also be followed
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