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NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Assessing Community Health Care Needs

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Assessing Community Health Care Needs

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NURS-FPX 6218 Leading the Future of Health Care

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Community Healthcare Needs Assessment

This executive summary analyzes community health needs in Jordan, located in Minnesota. By conducting a virtual windshield survey, we explored different areas of this small town in Minnesota, including general conditions, public health needs, and environmental analysis.  This executive summary will provide a concise and structured analysis of the community health state in Jordan and the health needs that require further attention for the well-being of community health.

Executive Summary

General Condition and Public Health Needs

 The virtual windshield tool identified various aspects of the City of Jordan, encompassing educational systems, libraries, health services, recreation centers, churches as sanctuary places, parks, residential areas, shopping plazas, and grocery stores. This showed that the city of Jordan was projected to thrive every day as it significantly supported education within the community by developing elementary and high schools. Moreover, the presence of St. Francis Health Services, merely a ten-minute drive away, in coordination with two of the most extensive health services, Fairview Hospital, and Clinics, being fifteen minutes away, covers the health needs of Jordan’s whole population while fulfilling safety concerns.

Middle and high schools for growing kids were also seen in the City of Jordan, along with a library open to all students and citizens. Furthermore, the facilities of fire departments and police departments ensure that the population is effectively protected from any disastrous event that questions their security and safety. The city is beautified with recreational parks, lagoons, tourist areas, and shopping centers. As the town grows steadily, there is a continuous demand for more educational, healthcare, and public utility systems due to prospective population growth, as city staff expect. Due to the enhanced access to restaurants and dine-in areas, public health was vulnerable to various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Assessing Community Health Care Needs

The limitations of this survey included inadequate resources to conduct a thorough windshield analysis, time constraints, and the reluctance of community members to communicate openly due to safety concerns. Therefore, it requires further research through ancillary data to identify the critical aspects of health needs and available facilities to promote sustainable and continuous improvement in the community by planning its infrastructure, adequate resource allocation, and facilitating expanded services.

Environmental Analysis 

Social Determinants of Health

Environmental factors, such as population, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, recreational facilities, and parks, impact population health, and the community’s overall well-being. In the case of Jordan, our windshield analysis revealed that Jordan was a small town with 7,000 native people, and its expanded growth was expected to rise by 150 individuals annually. Moreover, the City of Jordan had a robust educational system that the natives of Jordan could easily access and improve their knowledge of health and wellness through adequate education right from the beginning. With a prosperous educational system in the City of Jordan, health literacy among the community members is enhanced as almost 70% of ISD #717 graduates seek post-secondary education. This will result in better health of the overall community as the educated community population will adhere to healthy behaviors and habits (Nutbeam & Lloyd, 2020).

Moreover, adequate access to various healthcare organizations also affects population health and increases life expectancy (Hao et al., 2020). Considering the existence of renowned hospitals in Jordan that are ten to fifteen minutes away ensures that health needs are timely and appropriately addressed and population health is improved. The prospective opportunities lie in enhancing Jordan’s infrastructure by utilizing 30 acres of available industrial park space. This can be used up to satisfy the community’s health needs for adequate delivery of health services and education (City of Jordan, Minnesota, 2015). Health-promoting environments such as parks and gyms, as social determinants of health, promote healthy habits through regular physical activity in the community population of Jordan (Wang et al., 2021). 

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Assessing Community Health Care Needs

Moreover, the recreational places in Jordan, such as Minnesota River Valley, with 25 miles of trails for hiking and other physical activities, positively impact the physical and mental health of the population. Moreover, adequate water and sewer services promote a hygienic, safe lifestyle and improve health (Morante-García et al., 2022). Churches present in the city of Jordan reflect the religious concerns of the community, which indirectly impact their spiritual and mental health of the community. The health issue identified in the community of Jordan is the steady growth of the population with limited health and educational amenities that pose a severe health issue to the community population.

Lack of adequate transportation to commute within the community of Jordan poses a health threat in emergency cases where prompt care treatment is required. The underlying assumption includes that social determinants of health play a significant role in the overall health status of the community. Additionally, the uncertainty includes the lack of knowledge of the population’s socioeconomic status and social norms contributing to health behaviors. 


The survey findings for the community of Jordan reveal that the City of Jordan is a small but adequately nourished town in Minnesota. Basic facilities such as education, healthcare services, recreational parks, grocery store, plazas, and parks make it a fine stable community. However, the continuously growing population with limited resources for health and education poses several health issues to the community, requiring further opportunities to expand its services through enhanced infrastructure and sustainable management growth. 


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NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Assessing Community Health Care Needs

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Table 1: Windshield Survey and Environmental Analysis




Observations and Impressions

SWOT Category


Size of Community What is the size of the population in the City of Jordan? About 7,000 people reside in the City of Jordan, Minnesota, with expected growth of  Strength+Weakness (City of Jordan, Minnesota, 2015)
Education/Schools What is the status of schools and educational institutes? The city of Jordan had established elementary, middle, and high schools with a library open.  Strength + Opportunities (City of Jordan, Minnesota, 2015)
Healthcare Issue What are the major healthcare issues? Specifically, no healthcare issue was identified except the steadily growing population impacting access to healthcare services as the resources remain limited. Weakness (City of Jordan, Minnesota, 2015)
Health Care Services Are all the community members able to access essential healthcare services? The City of Jordan provides healthcare facilities to all individuals through a robust healthcare system such as St. Francis Health Services and  Fairview Hospital, and Clinics are within a 15-minute drive. The healthcare services provided include dentistry, family medical clinic, and chiropractic. Strength 
NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Assessing Community Health Care Needs

(City of Jordan, Minnesota, 2015)

Religion/Churches Are there any churches and mosques, or other religious places? Only churches are identified, including Hope Lutheran Church, Tree of Life church, etc. There are no mosques identified in the City of Jordan. Strength Vila Health:

Environmental Analysis

and Windshield Survey Simulation.

Buildings/ Recreational Places Are there any restaurants and parks with recreational and tourist views? Downtown Jordan has been thriving with a few dine-in restaurants and bars, which attract many people living inside and outside of Jordan.

Minnesota River Valley, within a 25-minute drive, was seen where people could hike, trail, and bicycle and can have family trips on vacations. 

Strength+ Weakness Vila Health:

Environmental Analysis

and Windshield Survey


Transportation Are there adequate vehicles for traveling? Public transportation is not identified, which hinders quick access to healthcare services in emergency cases due to traveling distances Weakness (City of Jordan Minnesota, 2015)