PA002 Legislation
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PA002 Legislation

PA002 Legislation



NURS 6050 Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health

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Health-related Bill Name/Bill #: Human Life Protection Act, HB 314


The Human Life Protection Act, also known as Bill HB 314, mandates a comprehensive prohibition on abortions and attempted abortions throughout all stages of pregnancy within Alabama, constituting a felony offense upon violation. The bill delineates specific exemptions.

Federal or State?

State of Alabama

Legislative Intent

The primary legislative intent behind the Human Life Protection Act, Bill HB 314, is to protect all forms of life, including unborn children. Under HB 314, fetuses are legally recognized as persons (HB 314, 2019), with individuals who engage in or attempt abortions without exemption being subject to felony charges.

Exceptions to this bill include situations where the continuation of the pregnancy poses health risks to the pregnant woman, cases of lethal fetal anomalies, instances where the pregnant woman is affected by a mental illness posing a lethal threat to either herself or the fetus, ectopic pregnancies, or miscarriages necessitating a procedure for fetal removal (HB 314, 2019).

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Advocates supporting this bill include a significant portion of the Republican party, Republican Governor Kay Ivey, House sponsor Terri Collins, and Senate Sponsor Clyde Chambliss. Conversely, the bill has faced strong opposition from Democratic politicians and a minority of Republican politicians.

Target Population

This legislation primarily targets pregnant women and medical practitioners involved in performing or attempting abortions.

Status of the Bill

The Human Life Protection Act was officially enacted into law on May 15, 2019; however, its implementation has been postponed due to a preliminary injunction contested by District Judge Myron Thompson (HB 314, 2019). The bill continues to receive significant media attention from opposing factions and is consistently challenged by activists.

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Bill HB 314, 2019, Alabama, Reg. Sess. (AL, 2019)

NURS 6050 Assessnent 2 PA002 Legislation