PSY FPX 5002 Assessment 2 My Career In Psychology
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PSY FPX 5002 Assessment 2 My Career In Psychology

PSY FPX 5002 Assessment 2 My Career In Psychology


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PSY FPX5002 Foundations of Theory and Practice for Master’s Psychology Learners

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This paper provides a personalized account of the author’s journey in psychology, encompassing their past, present, and future aspirations within the field. Beginning with their educational background and current employment at Frontier Behavioral Health, the narrative progresses to their ambitions for further education and professional development. Through the lens of their experiences, the author reflects on the significance of vision, goals, research, and professional competencies in shaping their career trajectory.

My Career in Psychology

Psychology holds profound significance for the author, representing not just a career path but a profound calling. From an early age, their interest in psychology was evident, leading them to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in the field from Southern New Hampshire University. Despite facing challenges such as health issues and parenting responsibilities, they successfully obtained their bachelor’s degree in 2023. Their subsequent employment as a Mental Health Care Professional at Frontier Behavioral Health marked a significant milestone in their journey, affirming their commitment to their chosen path in psychology.

Application of Vision and Goals

Vision and goals serve as guiding principles for the author, propelling them towards excellence in their profession. Their vision is rooted in a desire to surpass the shortcomings they observed in previous counselors and to foster genuine connections with clients. As they work within the Elder Services branch of Frontier Behavioral Health, they strive to demonstrate respect for their clients’ time and expertise, despite their relative youth. Their career goals are structured with precision, ranging from academic achievements to professional milestones, each contributing to their overarching ambition of obtaining a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and Forensic Psychology by 2025.

PSY FPX 5002 Assessment 2 My Career In Psychology

Influence of Research on Vision and Goals

The author acknowledges the profound impact of research on their academic and professional pursuits. Through rigorous literature reviews and engagement with peer-reviewed material, they have deepened their understanding of key concepts and methodologies in psychology. Research not only informs their academic endeavors but also shapes their long-term vision by prompting adaptation to emerging knowledge and techniques within the field.

Application of Research in the Acquisition of Professional Competencies

The acquisition of professional competencies is an ongoing journey for the author, characterized by a commitment to continuous learning and growth. Essential skills such as critical thinking, cultural competence, and ethical conduct are cultivated through both academic study and practical experience. Drawing on insights from their work at Frontier Behavioral Health, the author emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and ethical integrity in all aspects of their professional practice.

Professional Requirements

Navigating the complex landscape of professional requirements is integral to the author’s career trajectory. From academic program specifications to state licensure and organizational affiliations, they are diligently fulfilling the necessary prerequisites for advancement. Specialized training and credentialing are essential components of their preparation for future roles within the field of psychology.

Action Plan

The author outlines a structured action plan for achieving their career goals, highlighting specific steps and timelines for each objective. From academic performance targets to program enrollment and graduation milestones, each element is carefully calibrated to ensure steady progress towards their overarching aspirations.


In conclusion, this paper offers a comprehensive overview of the author’s journey in psychology, underscored by their unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth. Through meticulous planning, dedication to research, and adherence to ethical standards, they aspire to make a meaningful impact within their field. Their narrative serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and vision in shaping a fulfilling career in psychology.


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PSY FPX 5002 Assessment 2 My Career In Psychology

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