PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 6 Training Evaluation
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PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 6 Training Evaluation

PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 6 Training Evaluation


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PSY FPX 6710 Principles of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Training Evaluation

Overview of Training

At Marriott International, we offer a plethora of training opportunities such as professional development training, leadership, and management skills. The specific training program we will be discussing today is the leadership development program.

PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 6 Training Evaluation

Application of Database Selection

The training assessment being used to evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership development program will be Kirkpatrick’s four-level model. The four levels in the Kirkpatrick model are:

  1. Level 1: Reaction
  2. Level 2: Learning
  3. Level 3: Behavior
  4. Level 4: Results

Performance Reporting

Four Types of Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting


Level 1: Reaction How participants find the training favorable, engaging, and relevant to their jobs. The question we must ask ourselves is: what was their reaction to the leadership development program?
Level 2: Learning How participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence, and commitment based on their participation in the training.
Level 3: Behavior How participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job. Can we see them use the training skills they learned in the leadership development program applied in their job?
Level 4: Results What targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training and the support and accountability package. Overall, how will this leadership development program impact the organization as a whole?


At Marriott, we want to empower our employees to the best of our abilities. That is why we offer the leadership development program. We do to enable our employees to learn all aspects of the hospitality industry and to help them grow in their development.


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PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 6 Training Evaluation