PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 6 Leadership Development Plan
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PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 6 Leadership Development Plan

PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 6 Leadership Development Plan


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PSY FPX 8720 Psychology of Leadership

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The necessity for cultivating leadership skills has emerged from in-depth cultural examination. Adena Health, as a burgeoning entity, opted to scrutinize its prevailing culture with the assistance of a third-party organization. This scrutiny has unveiled a conspicuous demand for enhancing leadership capabilities. Employees of Adena Health, during interviews, depicted the culture as one dominated by fear and exclusivity, with an emphasis on hierarchical leadership. Consequently, with employees articulating their apprehension and unease, there has been a notable turnover among top-level leadership. Recognizing this imperative, Adena Health has acknowledged the necessity to foster the soft skills of its leaders and establish a set of accepted behavioral standards.

Current Gap

Presently, Adena Health provides a new leader orientation primarily focused on tasks, lacking coverage of leadership skills from an employee relations perspective. Leaders seeking development are often directed to external e-learning programs, typically at their own expense. Recently, the Human Resources department has engaged an executive coach, integrated within the organizational development team, who has commenced coaching at the executive level.

Key Components

Adena’s leadership development initiative will comprise mandatory classes organized into cohorts by the Human Resources team. The program, titled Adena Leadership Core, will consist of four classes: “Culture Transformation and Change,” “Crucial Conversations” (sourced from Crucial Learning), “Leading Self and Emotional Intelligence (EQ),” and “Leader as Coach.” Each class will encompass essential core competencies.

Adena Leadership Core 2022 Course Description

Core Competencies

Culture Transformation and Change

This module delves into the profound impact leadership exerts on organizational culture, encompassing employee engagement, work environment, ambiance, and overall company success. Leaders will explore various organizational change models and strategies to navigate through them effectively, fostering resilience and adept communication to inspire teams and surmount resistance.

  • Change Management
  • Leading Employees
  • Participative Management
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Compassion and Sensitivity

Crucial Conversations

Crucial conversations denote pivotal moments characterized by high stakes, divergent opinions, and intense emotions. These conversations can be transformative, influencing outcomes in projects, teamwork, safety, diversity, engagement, and relationships. Leaders will acquire a framework for navigating such challenging dialogues.

  • Self-awareness
  • Composure
  • Confronting Problem Employees
  • Participative Management
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Compassion & Sensitivity

Leading Self and EQ

This experiential course encourages leaders to cultivate emotional intelligence within collaborative peer groups, fostering self-awareness and a commitment to personal growth. Through introspection, leaders will develop composure, initiative, and respect for diversity.

  • Composure
  • Self Awareness
  • Taking Initiative
  • Respect for Differences

Leader as Coach

Through group discussions and practical exercises, leaders will grasp the essence of coaching and its application, honing skills in focused and global listening, impactful questioning, and adept feedback delivery.

  • Leading employees
  • Participative Management
  • Building Collaborative relationships
  • Compassion and Sensitivity

Guidelines for Effectiveness

Evaluating the success of the development program is crucial. Employee development initiatives temporarily divert employees from their routine tasks, potentially impacting short-term productivity. Establishing mechanisms to measure progress and reflection aids in justifying future development endeavors. Additionally, if leaders fail to demonstrate desired progress, supplementary support or role reassignment within the organization may be necessary.

Major Measurements for Leadership Core

Adena will gauge the success of the program using the following metrics, while acknowledging the potential individual benefits or setbacks experienced by leaders:

  • Engagement Survey Score
  • Employee Retention
  • Learner Satisfaction
  • Leader Performance Evaluation Rating

PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 6 Leadership Development Plan

Virtual Guidelines

Leadership development for virtual teams presents distinct challenges. While the curriculum remains relevant, adaptations are necessary to address the unique needs and challenges faced by virtual teams. Incorporating features such as breakout rooms, chat functionalities, and other interactive tools is essential to engage adult learners in a virtual setting.


The imperative for leadership development at Adena Health is underscored by the imperative to nurture a culture of growth and adaptability. By implementing the Adena Leadership Core program, Adena Health aims to empower its leaders with the requisite skills and competencies to navigate challenges and drive organizational success.


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PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 6 Leadership Development Plan

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