PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues
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PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues


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PSYC FPX 2800 Introduction to Human Sexuality

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Over 50% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended, posing challenges for young individuals who may lack the financial means or educational background to support a child (Kelly, 2014). Such unplanned pregnancies often lead to emotional strain and relational conflicts, with various options available, though not all socially accepted.

Accidental Pregnancy

Modern contraceptive methods offer choices such as medical procedures, birth control, condoms, and abstinence (CDC, 2017). In the event of an unintended pregnancy, options include parenting, termination, or adoption (Kelly, 2014). However, societal stigmas may influence decisions.

Stigma around Abortion

Historically, abortion faced societal condemnation but gained legality through court cases like Roe vs. Wade (National Abortion Federation, 2018). Despite legal recognition, stigma persists, affecting women’s choices and relationships (National Abortion Federation, 2018). Instinct Theory suggests a natural inclination towards motherhood, potentially influencing attitudes towards abortion (Cherry, 2018).

The Dialogical Approach

The Dialogical Self Theory posits that individuals perceive themselves through various social lenses, influencing decision-making (Marston, Renedo, & Nyaab, 2017). This approach explores how cultural norms shape family planning choices.

Case Study

In the case of Millie and Max, differing perspectives on abortion highlight internal conflicts and societal pressures (Hanshmidt et al., 2016). Max’s resistance to abortion reflects social stigma, complicating decision-making for Millie.

PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

Ethical Standards

Psychologists adhere to ethical standards, ensuring client autonomy and avoiding personal biases (APA, 2018). Counseling should facilitate informed decision-making without imposing values.


The case of Millie and Max underscores the importance of counseling to navigate conflicting perspectives on abortion. Societal stigma exacerbates tensions, emphasizing the need for empathetic support.


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PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

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