PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal
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PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal

PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal


Capella University

PSYC FPX 4600 Research Methods in Psychology

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Research Proposal

Redding (2019) highlighted the significant impact of ethnicity on students’ academic performance. The research posited that students tend to perform better when taught by teachers of a similar racial or ethnic background, fostering a sense of comfort and competence (Redding, 2019). Based on this premise, the hypothesis for this study is “Ethnicity has a significant impact on creating differences in students’ grades and achievements.” The independent variable is ethnicity, while the dependent variable is grades.


The study will employ a random sampling method to ensure an unbiased approach to evaluating the research hypothesis, with participants recruited from high schools (Xu, 2019).


A mixed research approach will be employed to assess the impact of ethnicity on students’ academic performance (Creamer & Reeping, 2020). Inferential statistics will be utilized to test the hypothesis and draw conclusions regarding the relationship between participants’ grades and ethnicity differences. The strength of inferential statistics lies in its ability to generalize datasets, though its weakness may lie in incomplete measurement, affecting data reliability and validity (Altoè et al., 2020).


Data will be gathered using a mixed research method and survey design, incorporating survey questions to capture participants’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas (Pack, 2023). Participants will be volunteers and will complete a demographic questionnaire providing information on age, sex, social status, race, and cultural background. All participants will belong to one group, reporting the impact of ethnicity, with grades serving as the dependent variable.

Potential Confounding Variables

Other dependent variables such as academic performance and racism, along with sociocultural variables like social status and cultural differences, may affect the study. These potential confounding variables will be controlled through research ethics to ensure the avoidance of any direct harm to the population.


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PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal

Redding, C. (2019). A teacher like me: A review of the effect of student–teacher racial/ethnic matching on teacher perceptions of students and student academic and behavioral outcomes. Review of Educational Research, 89(4), 499–535.

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PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal