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RSCH FPX 7864 Assessment 1 Descriptive Statistics

RSCH FPX 7864 Assessment 1 Descriptive Statistics


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RSCH-FPX 7864 Quantitative Design and Analysis

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Descriptive statistics play a crucial role in summarizing data sets, whether encompassing an entire population or a sample thereof. This analytical approach involves measures of central tendency, such as the mean, median, and mode, as well as measures of variability, including standard deviation, variance, minimum and maximum variables, kurtosis, and skewness (Hayes, 2023). Histograms, visual representations of frequency distributions for a single variable, aid in comprehending the distribution of dependent variables (What is a histogram chart, 2023).

Section 1: Histograms for Visual Interpretation

Distribution Plots

  • Final
  • Lower Division
  • Upper Division

Within Section 1, two distinct histograms depict student scores categorized into various ranges. The height of each bar corresponds to the count based on the final exam scores, providing a clear representation of the measured information (What is a histogram chart, 2023).

Section 2: Calculate Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Descriptive Statistics

GPA Quiz3
Mean 2.862 7.133
Std. Dev. 0.713 1.600
Skewness -0.220 -0.078
Std. Error of Skewness 0.236 0.236
Kurtosis -0.688 0.149
Std. Error of Kurtosis 0.467 0.467

The mean, often used to describe central tendency, indicates the average value for the GPA (M = 2.862) and Quiz 3 (M = 7.133) datasets. Standard deviation, offering a more precise estimate of dispersion, is crucial for understanding the spread of scores in relation to the mean (Trochim, 2023). For GPA (SD = 0.713) and Quiz 3 (SD = 1.600), these values are presented. Skewness and kurtosis, indicators of the frequency distribution shape, are within the acceptable range of -1 to +1, suggesting normality for each distribution (Quality Advisor, 2023).


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