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PSYC FPX 4900 Assessment 4 Respective Career Plan

PSYC FPX 4900 Assessment 4 Respective Career Plan Name Capella University PSYC FPX 4900 Psychology Capstone Project Prof. Name Date Career Plan: Mental Health Technician As a psychology major, effective time management is crucial for success in one’s chosen career. I intend to utilize self-assessment and self-inventory exercises to formulate a plan for success as a mental health technician, leveraging my knowledge and skills to contribute comprehensively to the field. These activities have provided valuable insights into making informed career choices. Recognition of Issues and Proactive Approach Being proactive in recognizing prevalent issues is essential for a smooth workflow. Anticipating potential concerns requires professionals to think comprehensively and apply ethical considerations and analytical theories in their work to maintain professional conduct and avoid untoward situations. Strategies to Address Challenges Anticipating challenges, I have devised strategies such as conducting consultations, observations, and interviews to evaluate behaviors and contribute positively. Collaboration with professionals while adhering to regulations like HIPAA will also be a priority. Assessment and Inventory Results The Careers in Psychology self-assessment identified careers aligning with my psychology degree preferences. While the suggested behavioral technician career may not be my first choice, it is related to my profession. Insights from the Career Skills Inventory assessment will be incorporated into my resume for future employment. The Work Values Card Sort assessment highlighted key values essential in a supervisory role, such as supervision, precision work, collaboration, influence, and moral values, which I commit to utilizing effectively. Goals and Career Plans My goal as a psychology professional is to assist individuals dealing with emotional or mental challenges. Effective communication, ethical responsibility, and understanding behavioral theories will be paramount. Aligning my goals and career choices with values of respect, kindness, and empathy, I aim to make informed and ethical decisions in my profession. Motivation Intrinsic motivation will be harnessed for both myself and clients, ensuring a consistent commitment to duties even in challenging situations. Action Plan Cultural, identity, and diversity perspectives will not negatively influence my professional practices. Prioritizing patient well-being, incorporating research and strategies to enhance social skills, adhering to ethical principles, and utilizing motivation effectively will contribute to success as a mental health technician. References Capella Career Center. (2010). So You Want to Help People? Career Doctor. Advice and Answers to Your Career-Related Questions. Capella University. Retrieved from: Huang, Y., Lv, W., & Wu, J. (2016). Relationship between intrinsic motivation and undergraduate students’ depression and stress: The moderating effect of interpersonal conflict. Psychological Reports, 119(2), 527–538. Retrieved from: Nauta, M. M. (2010). The development, evolution, and status of Holland’s theory of vocational personalities: Reflections and future directions for counseling psychology. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 57(1), 11–22. Retrieved from: PSYC FPX 4900 Assessment 4 Respective Career Plan

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