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PSYC FPX 3002 Assessment 2 CRAAP Test and Library

PSYC FPX 3002 Assessment 2 CRAAP Test and Library Name Capella University PSYC FPX 3002 Developing a Psychology Perspective Prof. Name Date 10 Common Myths About Therapy: Evaluating a Web Source Currency The information presented was written in 2020 and the website has been updated as recently as 2022, enhancing its credibility. The associated links within the article are functional, indicating recent maintenance and relevancy. Relevance The webpage addresses common myths about therapy, aligning well with the topic of interest. The information is neither overly simplistic nor overly advanced, making it suitable for various audiences. Although other sources were explored, this source stands out as comprehensive and relevant, scoring 9 in relevance. PSYC FPX 3002 Assessment 2 CRAAP Test and Library Authority Authored by Bryan E. Robinson, Ph.D., and published in Psychology Today, the article benefits from the author’s extensive credentials as a practicing psychotherapist. Robinson’s expertise is further bolstered by his licensure and multiple appearances in various media outlets. The URL also aids in verifying the legitimacy of the source. Accuracy While the article lacks direct citations, it offers insights based on the author’s professional experience. There are no apparent errors in spelling or grammar. However, the tone occasionally reflects the author’s biases, particularly towards psychotherapy, diminishing the perceived objectivity of the content. Purpose The primary aim of the article is to inform readers about common misconceptions surrounding therapy. While it provides valuable insights, the content tends to lean towards the author’s opinions rather than solely factual information. Some ideological biases are evident, impacting the overall neutrality of the article. Scoring The cumulative score for this evaluation is 41, categorizing it as a good source for academic use. Adapted from the CRAAP Test created at the Meriam Library at the California State University at Chico. References Mainous, A. G. (2018). Perspectives in primary care: Disseminating scientific findings in an era of fake news and science denial. The Annals of Family Medicine, 16(6), 490–491. PSYC FPX 3002 Assessment 2 CRAAP Test and Library

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