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BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 5 Distance Learning

BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 5 Distance Learning Name Capella university BUS-FPX4047 Employee Training and Development Prof. Name Date Distance Learning Module Distance learning, also known as online learning, enables employees to complete training entirely online, without the need to be physically present in a classroom or office setting. This provides flexibility for both companies and employees, allowing access to information from anywhere at any time. A distance learning module mirrors traditional in-person training but is conducted exclusively online. It typically includes a registration process, pre-training assessment, main training components, discussion groups, resource access, and a post-training quiz to gauge comprehension. Strengths and Weaknesses Distance learning offers several strengths, including cost-effectiveness, accessibility, flexibility, and automatic record-keeping. However, it lacks face-to-face interaction, requires technical proficiency, and faces challenges in preventing cheating. Incorporating Practice and Feedback At the conclusion of the training module, employees have the opportunity to provide feedback, suggesting improvements for future iterations. This feedback is collected and analyzed by Human Resources, with necessary adjustments made promptly. Employee Development and Measuring Effectiveness Distance learning empowers employees to manage their own development by accessing training modules at their convenience. Managers can assign specific modules based on team needs, and pre/post-tests help measure training effectiveness. However, application of acquired skills to job performance requires managerial assessment. References Conrad, D., & Openo, J. (2018). Assessment strategies for online learning: Engagement and authenticity. AU Press. Gearhart, D. L. (2010). Cases on distance delivery and learning outcomes: Emerging trends and programs. Information Science Reference. Moore, J. L., Dickson-Deane, C., & Galyen, K. (2011). e-learning, online learning, and distance learning environments: Are they the same? The Internet and Higher Education, 14(2), 129-135. Zharkova, L. I., & Kotrikadze, E. V. (2021). Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in universities. Propósitos y Representaciones, 9(2). BUS FPX 4047 Assessment 5 Distance Learning

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