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At, we cover a wide range of Nursing degrees and courses. Whether you’re pursuing your RN, BSN, MSN, DNP, CNA, LPN, or APRN, our tutors are equipped to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring you excel in your academic endeavors.

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Nursing Tutors

Emily NURSFPX Tutor

Emily S

Subjects: Pediatric Nursing

Loves tutoring because: “I’m committed to shaping future pediatric nurses and ensuring they have the knowledge and compassion needed to care for young patients.”

Background: Emily holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree with a specialization in pediatric nursing.

For fun: Reading, Hiking.

David NURSFPX Tutor

David L

Subjects: Mental Health Nursing

Loves tutoring because: “I’m passionate about breaking down stigmas around mental health and equipping future nurses with the skills to provide compassionate care.”

Background: David has a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and extensive experience in mental health nursing.

For fun: Playing guitar, Photography.

Sara NURSFPX Tutor

Sarah M

Subjects: Nursing Research

Loves tutoring because: “I enjoy guiding students through the research process, empowering them to contribute to evidence-based nursing practice.”

Background: Sarah holds a DNP degree with a focus on nursing research methodology.

For fun: Traveling, Painting.

Jason NURSFPX Tutor

Jason H

Subjects: Nursing Informatics

Loves tutoring because: “I’m passionate about integrating technology into healthcare to improve patient outcomes, and I want to inspire the next generation of nurse informaticists.”

Background: Jason has a Master of Science in Nursing Informatics and a background in IT.

For fun: Playing video games, Coding.

Rabeeca NURSFPX Tutor

Rebecca W

Subjects: Community Health Nursing

Loves tutoring because: “I believe in the power of preventive care and community outreach, and I’m dedicated to preparing students to make a positive impact in public health.”

Background: Rebecca holds an MS in Health Administration and has worked extensively in community health settings.

For fun: Gardening, Volunteering.

Alex NURSFPX Tutor

Alex K

Subjects: Nursing Leadership

Loves tutoring because: “I’m passionate about developing strong nurse leaders who can navigate complex healthcare environments and advocate for their teams and patients.”

Background: Alex holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on healthcare leadership.

For fun: Playing sports, Cooking. 

Jessica NURSFPX Tutor

Jessica B

Subjects: Maternal Health Nursing

Loves tutoring because: “I’m dedicated to supporting women through the transformative journey of motherhood and ensuring safe and compassionate care for both mothers and babies.”

Background: Jessica has a DNP degree with a specialization in maternal health nursing.

For fun: Yoga, Photography.

Micheal NURSFPX Tutor

Michael R

Subjects: Nursing Ethics

Loves tutoring because: “I’m passionate about fostering ethical decision-making in nursing practice and guiding students to navigate complex moral dilemmas.”

Background: Michael holds an MSN degree and has a background in bioethics.

For fun: Playing musical instruments, Hiking.

Racheal NURSFPX Tutor

Rachel C

Subjects: Geriatric Nursing

Loves tutoring because: “I’m dedicated to honoring the wisdom and experiences of older adults and preparing nurses to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to the elderly.”

Background: Rachel has a DNP degree with a focus on geriatric nursing.

For fun: Birdwatching, Writing poetry.

Daniel NURSFPX Tutor

Daniel H

Subjects: Psychiatric Nursing

Loves tutoring because: “I’m committed to reducing stigma surrounding mental illness and empowering nurses to provide holistic care to individuals with psychiatric disorders.”

Background: Daniel holds a degree in Psychology and has extensive experience in psychiatric nursing.

For fun: Playing chess, Cooking international cuisines.

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