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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility Name Capella university BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective Prof. Name Date Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): An Overview Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulatory mechanism through which businesses demonstrate their accountability and commitment to improving community and societal welfare via environmental and social initiatives (Business News Daily, 2023). The Challenge of Workplace Hiring Inadequate leadership and management contribute to organizational dysfunction. This dysfunction leads to increased turnover rates and diminished morale. Hiring individuals who are either overqualified or underqualified can result in complications (CourseHero, 2024). Impact on the Community and the Organization Low morale among both new and experienced employees leads to mental health conflicts. Work-related issues affect family dynamics as they spill over into home life. A company struggling with these challenges experiences heightened job loss. Persistent issues escalate stress levels within the organization (CourseHero, 2024). Pros and Cons of Potential Solutions Enforcing stricter management and leadership guidelines may stabilize company structure but could evoke negative reactions if expectations are set too high. Implementation of high-quality training programs with incentives can boost morale and encourage employee retention, provided the incentives are cost-effective. Promoting overqualified employees and providing additional training for underqualified ones can foster advancement within the company, albeit with limitations (CourseHero, 2024). Recommended Action Investing in higher quality training programs with incentives is suggested as a cost-effective solution. This approach is anticipated to reduce future hiring needs, strengthen employee relationships, increase confidence, and enhance employees’ sense of value (CourseHero, 2024). Sustainability of the CSR Solution Further elaboration and analysis are required to assess this aspect (CourseHero, 2024). Conclusion: Supporting Evidence Additional evidence and analysis are necessary to conclusively address the outlined challenges (CourseHero, 2024). References Business News Daily. (2023). Corporate Social Responsibility. Retrieved from CourseHero. (2024). [Provide specific link if available] Forbes Coaches Council. (2020). Ineffective Leadership and the Devastating Individual and Organizational Consequences. Forbes. Retrieved from BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 4 Corporate Social Responsibility

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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 3 Building Effective Teams

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 3 Building Effective Teams Name Capella university BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective Prof. Name Date Introduction This document outlines the rationale for including specific functional areas within an organizational team and identifies the advantages offered by each. Additionally, it delineates the roles each individual would fulfill on the team. Furthermore, it presents steps to solve a distribution problem and assigns responsibilities to team members based on their business and soft skills. Distribution Problem Solving Step 1: Problem Diagnosis The first step involves identifying and defining the problem, as well as gathering relevant information. Sam Law and Benny Jackson are selected for this task. Sam’s expertise in logistics can effectively diagnose issues related to fulfillment delays, while Benny’s knowledge in operations management complements the analysis by identifying warehouse efficiency problems. Effective team characteristics for this step include creative thinking from Sam and analytical skills from Benny, which collectively contribute to a comprehensive problem diagnosis. Step 2: Data Collection (Customer Feedback) Valerie Smalls and Jay Colby are tasked with collecting customer feedback data. Valerie’s communication skills aid in interpreting customer reviews, while Jay’s experience in logistics allows him to identify coordination problems within the supply chain. Valerie’s adaptability and Jay’s ability to see the bigger picture contribute to efficient data collection and interpretation within the team. Step 3: Data Analysis Sam, Benny, Valerie, and Jay collaborate in analyzing the collected data. Sam’s leadership guides the evaluation process, while Jay’s expertise reveals hidden issues. Valerie’s adaptability and Sam’s creative thinking facilitate a multifaceted analysis approach. Step 4: Recommendation and Solution Sam, Benny, Valerie, and Jay collectively develop recommendations and solutions. Sam focuses on logistics-based recommendations, Benny explores alternative scenarios, Valerie provides communication-based solutions, and Jay introduces innovative ideas. Conflict Management The document emphasizes the inevitability of conflicts within the team and suggests strategies for conflict management, including establishing norms, well-planned meetings, and appropriate intervention approaches. It highlights the importance of acknowledging conflicts and providing opportunities for resolution to maintain positive team dynamics. Conclusion The document concludes by underscoring the significance of leveraging individual strengths and capabilities within a team environment to address organizational challenges effectively. It reiterates the importance of conflict management in maintaining team cohesion and achieving planning objectives. References Bens, I. (2018). Facilitating with ease: Core skills for facilitators, team leaders and members, managers, consultants, and trainers (4th ed.). Wiley. Black, J., Bright, D., Gardner, D., Hartmann, E., Lambert, J., Leduc, L. … Weiss, J. (2019). Organizational Behavior. Openstax. de la Pena, D., Jone, A., Hester, R. T., Hou, J., Lawson, L. J., & McNally, M. J. (2017). Design as democracy: Techniques for collective creativity (1st 2017. ed.). Island Press. BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 3 Building Effective Teams

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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations Name Capella university BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective Prof. Name Date Introduction In the modern business environment, companies are evaluated based on their alignment with corporate mission, vision, and goals, which not only serve as benchmarks for consumer evaluation but also enable comparisons among firms in the same industry, facilitating an assessment of strategic objectives and business tactics (Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017)., a prominent player in eCommerce and cloud computing services, presents an overview of its corporate identity on its website, implying its vision of being the most customer-centric, best employer, and safest workplace on Earth, although its mission statement is lacking explicitness (Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017). Developing identifiable mission and vision statements is crucial for to enhance customer relations, strengthen market position, and transform these statements into internal competitive advantages (Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017; Leape et al., 2020). Importance of Vision and Mission Statements A well-defined vision statement guides strategic decision-making by a company’s leaders, complemented by a well-written mission statement that identifies critical stakeholders affected by the company’s activities and outlines how the company will deliver on its promises (Ashkenas & Moore, 2022; Stangis, Smith, & Boston, 2017). Although Amazon articulates its corporate principles on its website, it fails to explicitly state the beneficiaries of its actions. Recommendations for Improvement To address these shortcomings, Amazon must enhance its website by creating a dedicated section for the mission and vision statement within the “Who We Are” page, organized alongside existing content such as leadership principles, company awards, and corporate position (Leape et al., 2020). Hyperlinks can provide access to various company-published resources that highlight programs supporting the corporate mission statement. For the vision statement, diverse content formats like videos and stories summarizing Amazon’s goals, plans, and initiatives would align with the company’s short-term and long-term outlook. An interactive infographic or animated presentation embedded on the webpage would make the presentation of the corporate mission and vision statements engaging and captivating, leveraging Amazon’s technological capabilities (Leape et al., 2020). Ethical Commitment through Code of Business Conduct and Ethics While lacking a formal mission and vision statement, Amazon demonstrates commitment to ethics through its “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics,” accessible via the company’s Investor Relations page. This publication outlines the company’s ethical prescriptions, organizational principles, and commitment to honesty, transparency, legality, and ethical business operations (Massotte, 2017). Conclusion To strengthen its market position and differentiate itself from competitors, must develop distinct mission and vision statements, sharing them with the public through its website to enhance the value of its products and services in the eyes of customers. Additionally, Amazon’s ethical commitment should be continuously reinforced by updating the elements of its code of conduct to adapt and respond to evolving ethical challenges in the business environment. References (2022). Who We Are. (2022). Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Ashkenas, R. & Moore, P. (2022, April 8). Keeping Sight of Your Company’s Long-Term Vision. Harvard Business Review. BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations Leape, S., Zou, J., Loadwick, O., Nuttall, R., Stone, M., & Simpson, B. (2020, November 5). More than a mission statement: How the 5Ps embed purpose to deliver value. McKinsey Quarterly. Massotte, P. (2017). Chapter 3: Why Ethics? Behavior Between Convictions and Responsibilities. Ethics in Social Networking and Business 1: Theory, Practice, and Current Recommendations. iSTE. ProQuest eBook Central Stangis, D., Smith, K. V., & Boston, C. (2017). The executive’s guide to 21st-century corporate citizenship: How your company can win the battle for reputation and impact. Emerald Publishing Limited. ProQuest eBook Central BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 2 Mission Vision and Ethics in Organizations

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BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals

BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals Name Capella university BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective Prof. Name Date Organizational Structure and Goals Introduction Inc. stands as a global powerhouse, initially rising as an eCommerce venture specializing in book sales and evolving into a technological giant leading in digital innovations, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Notably, holds a prominent position in the data processing and hosting services market within the United States (Khaustovich, 2022). Its competitive edge lies not only in technological prowess but also in robust business operations, as emphasized in its Amazon Business Reshape 2022 report, outlining primary corporate goals such as responsible procurement and purchase agility (, Inc., 2022). Moreover, the company acknowledges the pivotal role played by small and medium-sized businesses in sustaining its eCommerce platform (Amazon, 2021).’s global dominance allows it to spearhead innovative business practices, particularly in logistics and operations management (Warrier et al., 2021). By diversifying investments across various industries, Amazon shapes a conducive learning environment for its human resources. Opportunities for professional growth abound, including internships within the accounting and finance department, offering exposure to procurement strategies and operational management functions. Accounting and Finance Accounting and finance serve as integral pillars within a business, tasked with crucial decision-making processes concerning financial matters (Razack, 2021). The symbiotic relationship between these functions facilitates evaluating the organization’s value derived from investments, expansions, and resource allocations (Renehan, 2020). Accounting, complementing finance, ensures financial accuracy through meticulous reporting, an aspect critical for, given its extensive network of outsourced entities supporting billing and collection processes. Data generated from these financial activities serves as a cornerstone for performance analysis, aiding in crucial areas such as cash flow management and receivables tracking (Gitman et al., 2018). Amazon’s accounting and finance departments collaborate to maximize revenue potential while focusing on value-generating endeavors (Agrawal et al., 2020). Operations Management Operations management encompasses supply chain logistics, manufacturing, and service provision, serving as the nexus of critical operational functions (Busellato et al., 2021). At, operations management plays a pivotal role in driving eCommerce activities, facilitating seamless connections between retailers and consumers. Innovations in this domain contribute to long-term value creation and strengthen relationships with stakeholders across the supply chain (Prilepok et al., 2022). Internship in Billing and Collection Billing and collection operations, housed within the accounting and finance departments, oversee financial transactions crucial for accurate reporting (Hermanson, Edwards, & Maher, 2011). Proficiency in billing and collection processes, including invoice management and receivables tracking, can significantly enhance financial performance by ensuring timely revenue realization. Internship in Operations Management An internship in operations management at Amazon provides invaluable insights into modern supply chain strategies and technologies (Gu et al., 2021). While basic accounting knowledge is beneficial, familiarity with inventory management and logistics operations is imperative. Such an opportunity offers a pathway to acquire essential skills and knowledge vital for effective operations management. Conclusion The symbiotic relationship between accounting, finance, and operations management forms the backbone of organizational success. Accounting and finance functions contribute to strategic financial management, while operations management ensures operational efficiency and alignment with corporate goals. An internship in the accounting and finance unit aligns well with my current skill set, offering the opportunity to contribute to’s financial growth and efficiency. References Agrawal, A., Eklund, S., Waite, J. & Woodcock, E. (2020, Nov 17). Finance 2030: Four imperatives for the next decade. McKinsey & Company. 2030-four-imperatives-for-the-next-decade Amazon. (2021, Feb 2). AMAZON.COM ANNOUNCES FINANCIAL RESULTS AND CEO TRANSITION. details/2021/ Inc. (2022, Mar 10). Amazon Business Reshape 2022: Newly-expanded global procurement event now on-demand. Amazon Business. Bag, S., Gupta, S., & Luo, Z. (2020). Examining the role of logistics 4.0 enabled dynamic capabilities on firm performance. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 31(3), 607-628. Busellato, N., Drentin, R., Kishore, S., Nair, S., Schlichter, M. & Singh, A. (2021, Apr 12). Rethinking operations in the next normal. McKinsey & Company. insights/rethinking-operations-in-the-next-normal BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals Gitman, L., McDaniel, C., Shah, A., Reece, M., Koffel, L., Talsma, B. & Hyatt, J. (2018). Chapter 10: Achieving World-Class Operations Management. Introduction to Business. Openstax. managing-a-small-business Gu, Y., Goez, J. C., Guajardo, M., & Wallace, S. W. (2021). Autonomous vessels: State of the art and potential opportunities in logistics. International Transactions in Operational Research, 28(4), 1706-1739. Hermanson, R., Edwards, J. & Maher, M. (2011). Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective. BCcampus. principles-a-business-perspective Khaustovich, V. (2022, June). US Industry (NAICS) Report 51821: Data Processing & Hosting Services in the US. IBISWorld. https://my-ibisworld- BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals Prilepok, M., Stewart, S., Yearwood, K. & Zegeye, A. (2022, May 17). Expand diversity among your suppliers—and add value to your organization. McKinsey & Company. diversity-among-your-suppliers-and-add-value-to-your-organization Razack, B. (2021, Jun 1). Cultivating Ethics in Business. Strategic Finance. Renehan, J. (2020, Jul 1). Data analytics will give your clients decision-making insights, so help them implement it. ACCA. business/2020/07-08/practice/data-analytics.html Warrier, U., Singh, P., Jien, C. W., Kee, D. M. H., Yi, G. Z., Jiann, T. W., … & Ganatra, V. (2021). Factors that lead Amazon. com to a successful online shopping platform. International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality in Asia Pacific (IJTHAP), 4(1), 7-17. Yin, C., Cheng, X., Yang, Y., & Palmon, D. (2021). Do corporate frauds distort suppliers’ investment decisions? Journal of Business Ethics, 172(1), 115- BUS FPX 3007 Assessment 1 Organizational Structure and Goals

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